Add Some Fairy Dust to the Garden

Fairies add magic to the garden. Celebrate with bronze fairy statues and sculptures from about fairies and you think magic, and sure, why not? Fairies bring lots of the magic into our lives making us tune to their attention. Many of us may add that magical touch to the garden dressing the corners and focal sections of our garden with these mythical creatures. Maybe, they would bring some magic or just maybe, they might make our garden come alive! Our fairies add a color and style to the garden. They add character and set an expectation for those who look to the garden as a place for relaxation. With our choices, you might find every type of fairy statues available from the small tabletop fairy figurines to large fairy statues that add interest and immediate attention. After all, fairies create a world that is purely enchanting and timeless, so why not have some of these lovely creatures to the garden and if you are looking for some unique fairy gifts that are small but impressionable, try a fairy wind chime or one of those little fairy figurines to set on a desk or table.

From time immemorial, fairies have been known to intrigue our world. The fact is they enrapture us even though they come so tiny. On their own, they create a world that is purely enchanting and timeless, sometimes making their intervention known in the affairs of mankind. Maybe, we relate to them because these magical beings are usually visible in human form. But unlike us, they are very close to nature, oftentimes being seen within such familiar grounds as hills, streams and the woods. Maybe, the only time they become real to us is when they come alive through the endless fairy tales that we read about in school or at our leisure. Reading about fairies makes us interested in their enchanting and magical presence. Perhaps, some of us may be waiting for their magical fairy dust!

As you sleep in your room, do not be surprised if a fairy may choose to visit and stay close to you. You wonder why they are attracted to us too! Well, fairies are known to perch mischievously around the window sills while you are sleeping and may sing softly through your ears as you sleep. Every culture has its own fairies and there are so many types of fairies. Apart from the tooth fairy who pays a visit to tuck you in bed as you save your tooth under the pillow for a change of some kind, there are other kinds of fairies like the elves, gnomes, leprechauns and banshees which are less favored magical creatures and best known to be left alone. While the Celtic culture has contributed much towards making these beautiful and mysterious creatures known, other civilizations such the ancient Greek literature lists the sirens in Homer’s Odyssey as fairies. And there are also the Hathors which are known to appear in ancient Egypt at the time of the birth of a child.

So, when you are thinking about fairies the next time, look around you. They may be very small but fairies are known to be curious about us just as much as we are curious about them! You never know if you could one day get help from a kind fairy who flies your way….