Benefits of Investing in Bronze Elephant Statues

Bronze Elephant Statues

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Many homeowners purchase elephant statues as a way of bringing in positive energy to the home. Elephants are considered to be protectors and much interest has been shown in adding elephants with upturned trunks to the front entrances of the home since it is believed that such statues will bless and bring good fortune to the homeowner.  Generally, elephant statues are placed at the front entrances of the home where they are said to welcome security and create positive energy for the home. A pair of such statues with trunks raised facing the main door will bring good luck. The upward-pointing trunks of elephant statues are regarded to be particularly lucky and will bring wealth and prosperity to the home. Elephant statues which have their trunks facing upwards and standing on their rear legs represent power and defence. Such a pose with the elephant's trunk pointing upward in a statue also represents fortune and achievement.

The art of Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of creating positive energy flow and balance around the house.

This traditional practice requires the house to be clean and free of dust and expects the homeowners to organize items in a way that brings positive energy to the space you’re designing. Once the house has been cleaned, elephant statues and sometimes, Chinese dragon statues can be kept to usher in good fortune and encourage positive energy flow into the home.

When following the art of feng shui, you can place the elephant statues two ways. One, you can place the elephant statues near the home entrances which will protect the house from negative energy. Two, you can add an elephant statue in the foyer facing away from the door to bring in good luck into the home.

However, the front entrances to the home is not the only spot for adding an elephant statue. You can still keep elephant statues and figurines like our bronze elephant figurines in our elephant statues catalog in other areas of the home or office to usher in good luck or positive energy flow. When you keep elephant statues or figurines in the office, you will energize the workspace with positivity and the good energy flow will be retained within the office. When elephant statues are kept in the family room or in the playroom for children, it is said that such elephant statues will emit the energy to strengthen bonds between family members. Elephant statues in the bedroom encourages love and faithfulness while the placement of elephant statues in a child’s room enforces academic success for children as elephant statues placed in such rooms will encourage knowledge and learning.

Our elephant statues are bronze statues that are designed to last for generations and they come beautifully crafted to add character to the home or garden. Cast in bronze using the ancient lost wax process, our bronze elephant statues are powerful additions to add to the front entrances of your home which includes this set of elephant statues highlighted here with upturned trunks that will signal good energy flow into the home while keeping negative energy out.

Bronze elephant statues are an investment as they are designed to last and add character to the home or garden. Made of a powerful metal that has been tested through time, our bronze elephant statues are excellent choices for adding character to the home while serving positive energy flow for the home.

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