Communicating with the Angels

Communicating with angelsMany of us are intrigued by angels and want to communicate with them. We believe the angels are the answer to all our questions and anxieties about the world we live in. Many of us think that by extending our reach to know the angels, we will be able to gain their confidence and help in our lives. The fact is you like angels and when you chose to read this article, you know you want them in your lives. So, how do angels communicate? What are the ways you can do to open up the communication of angels so that you can use their help to aid you in the day to day activities of life?

The most important part of you that you need to use in receiving the angels is your heart. You must always open your heart to receive the angels. Try to be in sync with nature by closing your eyes to hear the world about you and calming your heart down. You will be surprised at just how melodious the surroundings can be. All this, when trained over time, will help you be aware of the moment in time when you can find it in your heart to open and receive the angelic world that seek to communicate to you.

One thing you have to remember is that the angels are always looking to communicate with you. Each of us is surrounded by at least two or more angels. They come small or large. Try to pay attention to your surroundings and invite the angels to your life. Communicate with them through your heart and ask for their continual guidance. Seek a response by telling your angels that you’d like to receive some kind of assurance that they are hearing you and you never know what the message could be in the next few days. Many who are able to communicate with angels oftentimes receive some kind of proof that their angel friends are hearing them. Seeing a feather is one proof that the angels are close to you. Talk to them frequently and ask for signs. Treat your angels specially and hear them with your heart and mind.

There is a lot of information available on communicating with the angels. Namely, there are four main channels that are used to speak to the angels. These are called the 4Cs or 4 Clairs. These include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (realizing or knowing).

One of the ways of communicating with the angels is to understand the art of clairvoyance. When I say “art”, I really mean the acquired skills which come through time in understanding the visual angelic images that are given to you. It does take a while to learn and understand the art of using clairvoyance. Sometimes, the angels may send messages to you in the form of mental images and symbols. When you receive these images and begin to see pictures and symbols in your mind, you begin to associate those images to your real life. That is a sign that the angels are communicating with you clairvoyantly.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear the divine and this includes the angels. Have you ever wondered about the sudden voices that are read into your mind? Have you ever been mystified about what that could be? A number of people are sometimes treated for mental issues when they claim they are hearing voices in their head. In reality, these people were simply able to engage in clairaudience. When you hear the angels speak to you, the voice may appear as if it is coming from outside your head. Sometimes, it may seem like your inner voice is speaking to you. What all this means is the angels are trying to communicate with you. With practice, you will be able to differentiate between your voice and the voice of the angel.

Clairsentience happens when the angel is able to communicate with you by eliciting an emotional response. When you are able to receive angel messages through your sense of feeling, you are really being clairsentient. When you are able to receive an angel’s messages, you will find changes happening in your disposition. When the response is positive, you might feel a feeling of love and joy about you. This is the angel’s way of telling you that you are on the right path. When you experience a feeling of dejection and a dread, it is also the angel’s way of communicating to you that something about the way you feel is not right and that you should re-evaluate your moves again. Always explore with your angels. Talk to them and understand how they reach out to you. Seek their protection and guidance continually. Be sincere and kind, and the angels will be sure to guide you the best way they know which works with you.

The last “C” that you have to understand is something called claircognizance. Sometimes, you will find that your questions would carry answers when you least expect of them. When talking to your angels, you might suddenly find that you have an answer to the questions you needed to know. And you wonder how this happened! Well, your angels have this way of communicating to you so that you get your answers and this is called claircognizance. You can perfect this art of communicating with the angels over time to better assist you so that you receive a more accurate guidance from the angels. The one thing you have to learn is to always pay attention and understand the way your angels communicate with you. What seems so, is so and it will take time to perfect it but knowing angels is a very divine opportunity to understand God’s world and His place for you! Enjoy talking and learning about your angels!