Creating Your Own Fairy Garden

So, you would like to create a fairy garden? If you are someone who likes magic and the whimsical appeal of the fairies, you might very well want to create a little fairy garden that will interest your guests. You can set this up to delight your guests as they walk along a meandering garden path or intersperse a little fairy creation amidst the flowering beds for an air of mystery. The best part is you do not have to be too crafty to make your own fairy garden. It can happen in one afternoon and is a wonderful family project that can include the children.

You can create small fairy gardens in containers like terra cotta pots or even stone planters, in old drawers or even set aside a part of your garden landscape to include a thriving fairy community. The fun part really begins with the design of the fairy garden and the shopping you would do to get the little furnishings that will complete the magical look. If left to the imagination, there’s so much you can do to stir delight and magic into your fairy garden. You can create little garden paths, make an arbor out of twigs and find little tools and furniture from stores to supplement the look and even add a door to create a mystery.

Making Your Fairy Garden:

Choose a container. You can also use an old drawer and a bucket but include proper drainage to prevent soggy roots.

  1. Add quality potting soil so the plants get the nutrients they need.
  2. Select your plants – if you are looking to create a fairy garden out of a container, try growing small plants. Herbs are a good idea to grow since they stay small when trimmed and give out a beautiful fragrance. Other suitable plants include thyme, lavender, dwarf licorice, marjoram, dwarf myrtle and rosemary. The ornamental onion (Allium senescens 'Glaucum') can add a perfect little hedge while the creeping savory (Satureja spicigera) can be made to look like a small bush.
  3. Create paths and tiny walkways, doors and seating areas. Use miniature fences and chairs as well as seashells as bird baths. A little marble serves well as a gazing ball while a small mirror can be made to look like a reflecting pool. Use buttons and bottle caps as stepping stones. For other furnishings, try shopping at garden centers and specialist craft stores. But if you are a creative one, you might consider fashioning your own furnishings from natural materials.
  4. Add the fairies. You can leave them to the imagination or buy a small fairy figurine or two from the garden center.

You do not need to have a skill to make a nice fairy garden happen. Creating a fairy garden is a fun activity you can pursue even with your child. Children are at the age where they like to experiment with new things and one of those could include the creation of a fairy garden, an ideal project that will tap their creativity and penchant to make-believe.