Do You Believe in Angels?

A beautiful angel looks down demurely in this large marble angel sculpture for the gardenMany of us love to know the angels. We are always intrigued by the presence of the angels and the way they have earned a place in our world. As such, we find it so natural to discover ways to adorn our house with all things angel. For instance, we could show our interest for angels by setting up our favorite angel bookends on the shelves to hold our books, including a little angel or cherub figurine on our desk to watch over us or we might even purchase a bird bath with an angel theme on it to adorn our garden. The fact is we all love angels. We know they are closely associated with the divine and we pray and believe that when something good happens, it may be because an angel has answered our prayer.

All of us want to believe in the divine. We believe there is a place called heaven up in the skies watching over us and in heaven, God presides. Angels are sent, we believe, to do the work of the divine and so, when our prayers are answered, we believe that the angel was sent by God to make something happen for us. So, what are angels? How do they look like?

There’s no concrete proof about what they can be. Numerous articles have expounded ideas about how angels could look like and my belief is that angels could take the form of humans and can also be shapeless taking the form of light itself. Not all of us can be sure of what an angel is but we do not see them because they vibrate at a very high frequency and are filled with light. And if you’ve not been able to see or hear an angel, it is because the angels are vibrating so quickly and intensely that is not within the normal capacity for us to receive and capture.

I believe that all this does not mean that it is impossible not to communicate with an angel. The truth is each one of us is surrounded by at least 2-3 angels while some of us are surrounded by many angels. Because of my own experiences with these celestial beings, I believe that all of us are capable of reaching out to an angel. It all depends on us opening our hearts and making ourselves sensitive to the angel world by allowing our psychic senses to receive and experience the spiritual and angelic plane. When you open your thought processes to receive the angels, you will find that they can sometimes show how they move about you. Just the other day, I was scooping a cup of flour from my jar when I looked back and noticed that it had formed a cross on the flour. I knew immediately that my angel friends were asking me to pay attention to the cross. You see, angels have a way of communicating to us. They could use everyday items we feel comfortable with to make a point to us. It is up to you to be able to follow and capture on what they are trying to tell you by keeping yourself open to their means of communication with you.

It is not difficult to tune to angels. Each one of us can receive the message of the angels in our lives. If it makes it easy for you, get hold of angel themed merchandise and place it all round your space. It invites the holy and the divine into your home because angels relate to such objects and know that you wish to be closer to them. There are so many angel décor that can be used to adorn the household and even sent as gifts for friends and family. Always think “angel” and who knows….one day, you might just receive them in a way you would never believe!