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 There is so much interest in placing lion statues in the garden or the front entrances of a home. Despite the predatory behavior of lions, people tend to enjoy placing lion statues in their garden and for those who can afford the price, bronze and marble lion statues are greatly favored. So, what is the reason for wanting to have lion statues to grace the doorstep of a home? The lion bears a symbolic meaning to many cultures and are highly prized animal statues that hold meaning in the Italian culture. For instance, in the city of Venice, the lion has been considered to be synonymous with the Venetian flag and is cast as a symbol of protection, courage and strength. Because of the influence of lions in Italian culture which goes back to the ancient Roman Empire, the lion is used to adorn door knockers and statues with much interest given to adopting the use of the mythological griffins which composes of body parts of the lion and are seen in a fiercesome form symbolizing courage, leadership and strength. The power of the lion is inherent in the griffin which appears frequently on the coats, arms and flags of the noble and highly respected families of Europe. In Venice,

Walking Lion Statues in Bronze

the lion is also used in artistic expressions and the highest honor recognized at the Venice Film Festival is the Golden Lion or known as the Leone d’Oro in Italian. The other landmark that has fashioned a lot of modern day interest is modeled after this animal in the form of a griffin, a symbolic expression of Saint Mark the Evangelist, the patron saint of Venice. Every year, thousands of visitors make their trip to St. Mark’s Basilica (or Basilica di San Marco, as it’s known in Italian) to observe the saint’s relics which are housed in this basilica. It is said that early Christians used animals to symbolize the four Gospels of Christ, with Mark being associated with the lion. According to the story, Saint Mark was thrown to the lions and survived. Legend has it that the lions fell asleep at his feet while he pet them. It is this and the dream of Saint Mark seeing a winged lion that has caused the people to set up the Lion of Saint Mark atop the basilica which is the guardian for the city of Venice.

Because of the symbolism of the lion in Christianity called the Lion of Judah, the Catholics and Christians often keep a lion statue in their home or garden because it symbolizes the time when Jesus would return to the earth to gather more believers. One also needn’t look too far to find lions used in some form of artistic representation sometimes featured in the Venetian masks called Venezia Maschere where members of the aristocracy would hide their faces with sometimes lion inspired masks to visit bars and clubs without the chance of being recognized by the public. In other cultures like that found in China, the lion statues act as guardians, defending homes against accidents and theft. For Buddhists, lion statues are said to bring peace and prosperity, while in Italy, they symbolize power and prestige. The ancient Egyptians also placed a lot of importance in using lion statues where they were often used to guard temples and tombs. According to the ancient Egyptians, lions are considered to protect the dead and their interest in lion statues could have come about because of a lion-headed God of War they worshipped called Maahes whose name means "he who is true beside her". In Greece, The Lion Gate at Mycenae is a pair of ancient lion statues dating back to the 13th century BC. which have been placed at the entrance to the city to protect it from invaders.

Our lion statues are made in bronze and marble. We offer beautiful lion statues for the front entrances of the home or for adorning businesses and parks. These lion statues we carry are also beautiful additions for adorning hotel entrances, restaurants, museums and parks. There are many sizes we offer for our lion statues and other fierce wildcat statues like the cougar or puma, the tiger, cheetah and jaguar. These lion statues and wildcat statue selections we offer are designed with the standing or sitting poses. They are made of high quality bronze and marble, and come artistically detailed to capture the strength and personality of a real lion.

We welcome you to explore the choices we have in the wildcat statues including lion statues which will offer regal and noble choices for the home and businesses looking for good luck in their ventures. When you place lion statues in the entryways of your home and business, you are welcoming protective energy to your home and business. These statues will enhance the flow of positive energy into your living spaces thereby generating a sense of protection and strength for the home and business. Place a lion statue or a pair of them at your front door or gate to create a sense of security and protection which will sit well with guests who come to your home.

For those who have estate homes with a large garden, you can place a pair of lion statues at the entrance of your home or if you have a gated property, you could also welcome your guests with lion

Bronze Sitting Lion Sculptures

statues placed outside the gate. The lion statues will not only serve to protect you from negative vibes but will create stunning focal points if placed in the garden where they can be used to flank both sides of your garden fountain. For those who have smaller backyards, you could place a lion statue on a pedestal in the garden where the lion statue can be used to intermingle with the greenery and flowering plants to add an element of surprise and movement. Such areas will add stunning focal points for your guests to see and admire. For those who have fountains, try placing a lion statue near your fountain feature to add a touch of luxury and grandeur to your garden.

When you visit our lion statues catalog, discover those sculptures which will add an impact in your garden choosing a size that will add a focal point in the garden. All our lion statues have been carefully chosen to add impact to the home and garden, and are highlighted with character and inspiration to change your landscape to a scenic paradise as you dress your garden with focal points that capture interest and awe.

Our bronze lion statues and other wildcat statues like the puma or cougar, cheetah and jaguar all come with beauty and with the ability to set a focal point in your garden. Discover those wildcat statues here at TimelessBronze.com that resonate well with you and highlight charm and personality exploring the powerful lion statue, the grace of the tiger and the sleek agility of the jaguar and not to forget, the lithe expressions of the cheetah, all featured in our lion statues catalog. Whether you feel a lion statue or a cougar, you will be bound to admire the aesthetic value these beautiful animals will add to your home or garden landscape bringing about an artistic addition to your spaces as you admire the beauty and life of these fierce and beautiful creatures of the wild. Please email us at tion_art@yahoo.com if you need more help with our lion statues catalog. Bronze and marble lion statues add character and a touch of sophistication to any space whether indoor or outdoor, and can serve as a symbol of power, strength and protection for the home and garden. We welcome your interest in our large and life size lion statues and other wildcat statues catalog.