Highlight Your Landscape with Deer Statues

Bronze Deer Statues

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The deer is a symbol of spiritual authority in many cultures like the Celtic culture where the God Cernunnos symbolizes the stag, with its antlers, which has a powerful meaning and represents virility. Cernunnos was often portrayed with antlers, and was a god of the forest and wild animals. In the Christian faith, the deer is a symbol of piety and devotion where God is seen as taking care of His flock. The Native American also views the deer as important and a symbol of regeneration where the antlers fall off after the mating season and will grow again for the next season.

Many homeowners shop for deer statues with plans to add a deer statue or two to the garden where the deer especially a life size deer statue, can be used to add and dramatize a focal point to the garden landscape. According to eastern principles, placing deer statues or paintings in the home can attract positive energy and enhance the flow of prosperity and abundance. Similarly, in Feng Shui, a deer is seen as a symbol of longevity, good health, and happiness and so, the interest of a deer statue is recognized as contributing to the  positive flow of energy in the house.

When you have shopped for the deer statue, you can place the deer sculpture in a prominent location such as the center of your flower bed where it will add a beautiful focal point to the garden. Bushes and hedges will also complement the deer statue well, softening the edges of the statue and providing clean geometric lines of greenery. When you are ready to add bronze deer statues, choose one that will comply the garden landscape. You must know what size the deer statues should be that will evoke positive sentiments in the garden when your guests come to view the garden. Do not crowd the landscape with too many statues but shop for those that will blend in with the surrounding landscape without being a sore thumb at a glance.

Our deer statues feature an outstanding range of small to mid-size and life size deer statues which come with realistic details and are cast in the ancient lost wax process that will deliver sharp and vivid features on your deer statue. Choose a deer statue that you can relate to and if you are looking for bronze deer and fawn statues sold as a set, please be sure to check out our deer statues catalog for life size deer statues that will add character to the garden space and will complement the surrounding look in your garden.  Some home owners love to add specific deer statues like the white tail deer, red deer, the reindeer or the caribou deer sculptures. Whatever you choose, be sure to check out the space in your garden and whether they can add a focal point or be used to complement the greater landscape area.

If you are looking for bronze deer statues for sale with outstanding quality, you have come to the right store. Our outstanding collection of bronze deer statues are designed to add a focal point in the garden with such options as our life size deer statues and mid-sized deer sculptures. Celebrate the beauty of the wilderness with these fine deer sculptures added to the garden, and add peace and serenity watching these majestic animals turn your landscape into an attractive garden haven where you can derive pleasure just watching the garden transform into one that has character and beauty.  


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