How Do You Attract Fairies to your Garden?

Four fairy girls help deliver water to your pond or pool in this imaginative fairy fountain statue for the garden.Off late, many people have been expressing interest in creating their very own fairy gardens. There are so many ways to create a fairy garden and if you make one large enough to be noticed, you can add your own little fairy figurines and statues to complete the picture. The enchanting fairy garden, when completed, will surely add a focal point in your garden, setting interest to anyone who walks by and would be one that will interest the kids. And who knows…such a garden may in turn attract the interest of the fairies who might come because of their curiosity and then decide to stay because of your interest in them. Once you have them in the garden, you must also find ways to protect them as fairies do not like human intrusion. They do get shy and might fly away so it is important to do everything you can to invite them and to have them know that you enjoy their presence.

So, why are people so interested in fairies? What causes us to wonder about them so much? Well, the truth is many people believe fairies exist. Spiritualists have claimed to connect with fairies and many have written books exploring the ways of connecting with these little people from the woods. And of course, the ones who may be the most interested are the children who read about fairies and then wish that one would come by to grant them a wish.

There isn’t much of a theory as to what fairies can do for us. Many claim that fairies are there to tend to your garden and mind the flora and the fauna. Some also believe that fairies may help humans and keep an eye on them granting a wish sometimes. There have been many spiritualists who encourage people to talk to the fairies in the garden even though they may not be able to see them. By expressing what they like and how they wish their garden to be tended to, it is believed that the fairies will grant their wishes by taking care of their garden and keeping rodents and pests away.

So, how do you encourage the fairies to your garden if they really do exist? One way is to keep your garden clean and clear of any unwanted objects and dirt. Because fairies love to live in wooded areas and one that is prone to natural growth, you can encourage the growth of more trees and shrubs in the garden and especially those flowers that are useful in attracting your fairy friends. Some of such plants include the lily of the valley, foxglove, daisies, heather, honeysuckle, tulips and gardenias. You are also encouraged not to manicure your garden so regularly but to allow it to retain a wild appeal so that butterflies and dragonflies which are popular with fairies, might find your garden a home for them as well.

Another way of encouraging your fairy friends to come by and visit your garden would be to introduce fairy statues and garden ornaments that attract them like mirror balls for instance. Fairies love shiny objects and you can supplement the look by tying shiny beads and crystals around your garden shrubs and trees. You can also add some firefly lights in the late hour of the evenings to attract the attention of the fairies. Another thing that attracts fairies is the presence of water. Having a small water tub garden or a water feature like a garden pond will also attract the attention of the fairies. You can also add bird baths and bird houses to your garden since fairies are known to work well with the birds.

When you have achieved the necessary environment to welcome your fairy friends, you can scout your garden for proof that your fairies and their fairy dust are visiting you. Some of the signs include the sound of music playing in the distance, the presence of garden critters and insects associated with the fairies, proof that the plants are growing beautifully than would otherwise have been possible, and a hint that the fairies are truly present which can be seen as sparks of light in the night.