How to Choose a Jesus Marble Statue for a Memorial or Garden

If you are looking for quality Jesus marble statues, then you have come to the right place. Our Jesus statues are made of solid white Italian marble with some of our Jesus statues being made of bonded marble which is really Carrara white marble. Bonded marble is lighter and is composed of marble and some resin mixed into it. We will discuss more about bonded marble in a later blog. Let’s just work with what a solid marble statue entails and if you have browsed or studied our Jesus marble statues catalog, you will notice that a section of our Jesus statues catalog comprises of beautiful solid white Italian Marble Jesus statues. And they come in the form of Christ the King, Christ the Redeemer, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and The Good Shepherd. We also carry a marble statue of Jesus holding the Cross to the Calvary.

When you are thinking of Jesus and wanting a marble statue of Him, there are many factors that you need to observe when purchasing Jesus marble statues. But let’s first learn about what marble is about.

Introduction To Marble Statues

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone and has always been cherished for its purity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It has a smooth texture but there are also marble that give a textured feel and they can be porous. The kind of marble we use that goes into our Jesus marble statues are solid white Italian marble that has a polished and shiny look to it. This is a high quality marble statue that you see in our Jesus and Mary statues catalogs. While our Jesus marble statues are heavy and not meant to be constantly moved around, it will get slippery when water touches it. High quality marble does not absorb water and is very durable. Non-porous marble with uniform grain size is highly resistant to moisture and fire, making it ideal for use as monuments. Hence, you can be assured that when you purchase our Jesus marble statues or the Blessed Virgin Mary statues, you are getting only quality and high end marble statues. Please be aware of what you are buying in the marketplace. There are many retailers selling marble statues that come with a knock down price. You may be swayed to purchase a cheap one thinking you are getting a good buy but you will end up getting disappointed that you did not buy a quality marble statue. They might crack or turn color over time, corroding eventually to something that is just not attractive anymore. If you purchase our Jesus marble statues, you are getting the value for your money. Our Jesus marble statues are also priced affordably as we do not believe in tricking our customers to pay big money for what are religious statues that serve as a memorial statue or are displayed for churches. A number of online retailers are guilty of overpricing religious marble statues and making excessive amounts of what they deem as profits from the sale of their Jesus and Mary statues. They quote lengthy Bible verses along the way but are unfairly and greedily making lots of money off their unwary customers. Here at, you can be ensured that we do not like to overprice our statues and deceive our customers who want a beautiful Jesus statue for their home or garden or for displaying in a cemetery or church. But let’s get to the topic of choosing the right marble statue.

Marble lends a sense of grace and beauty as well as sophistication so that when you view a marble statue, you will be enamored by its quality and the way it blends into your landscape, highlighting a certain richness and upmarket feel to its space and the surroundings. Generally, marble statues elevate the look of your garden increasing the market value of your home. If you invest in a marble fountain, you can generally expect that your garden will look polished and beautiful with a fountain that brings harmony and peace to the area. The same applies to our Jesus marble statues - it just boosts the look of your garden giving it a sense of aura and holiness along the way.

Choosing The Perfect Marble Statue

You must enjoy the time you search for a marble statue. Hopefully, you will find your way to our store which only highlights quality marble statues. We are in the process of bringing in beautiful marble statues and fountains so please bookmark our website and check out the catalogs for new introductions we are making. If you are seeking quality Jesus marble statues, then you might like our selections of Jesus statues which offer a peaceful and inviting addition to the garden or church. You can tell just looking at the pictures we have on our website that you are purchasing a quality Jesus or Mary statue. The same goes for our Angel marble statues some of which are made of solid white Italian marble. When purchasing a Jesus marble statue, think of the message or emotion that comes to you when you invest in a Jesus marble statue. Does the statue add or complement the look of your landscaping? Most often, our Jesus statues are purchased by churches or as memorial statues for a grave or cemetery. There’s a certain kind of peace that comes with our Jesus marble statues. They are just beautiful and inspiring pieces that add to the character of the landscape and offer a solace that you will not get with other statues. Our Italian artisans have spent much time creating the perfect statue and the richness and detail simply shows with our range of Jesus and Mary statues.

Consider Size and Scale of the Statue

When you view our Jesus marble statues, you will notice that we offer them in several sizes. Determine the appropriate size and scale of your Jesus statue based on the space you have allotted for the statue. A small statue will make a difference to an indoor space offering a look of elegance and beauty, while a life size Jesus marble statue will create a beautiful focal point in a garden or courtyard as it melds into the rest of the landscape.

Consider the quality of the marble

We have discussed this earlier. You need to be careful about the type of marble used in making the sculpture. Real good marble is translucent when held up to the light and you should get a smooth, uniform texture with minimal flaws or blemishes. You must also pay attention to the way the marble statue is sculpted. A good sculpture will have you in awe and will offer an aesthetic solution to the garden. It should also be refined and highlighted delicately with the sculptor expertly hand finishing the statue so that it reveals expertly sculpted contours. Our line of Jesus marble statues are bound to evoke your senses almost inviting you to embrace the fine tenets of the Savior’s teachings enriching your garden with a sense of divinity and peace.

Caring for Your Marble Statue

Once you have selected the perfect Jesus marble statue, you need to care for it so it lasts a long time and in the course of it, serving for generations to come. Marble is a relatively low-maintenance material, but it does require regular cleaning and occasional maintenance to preserve its pristine appearance. Hence, dust your Jesus statue regularly with a soft and dry cloth. You should remove any surface debris you see that could buildup dirt and grime over time. Do not use abrasives to clean your marble statues or use any kind of harsh chemicals like Lysol to clean your marble statue. It can damage the delicate surface of your marble. Just use a mild soap or detergent diluted with water to gently clean the statue. One thing to remember is that if you have a stain, you must blot the stain quickly with a clean, damp cloth or it could get absorbed by the statue. For stubborn stains, you might need to use a specialized marble cleaner or poultice to draw out the impurities. If displaying your Jesus marble statue outdoors, consider applying a protective sealant to shield it from the elements because that would inhibit the growth of mold and mildew from growing on the statue.

Lastly, assess periodically the condition of your marble statue and address any signs of wear and damage promptly. You can consult a restoration specialist if your statue is in need of proper care and repair. By following simple guidelines that come with caring for marble statues, you can be sure that your statue will last for generations to come and will remain a cherished heirloom for your family.

When you purchase a Jesus marble statue from us, you will realize that the statues are timeless solutions which will address your need for it.  Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, a marble statue will add a beautiful accent, elevating the look of a place with its beauty, grace and sophistication. By carefully choosing and caring for your Jesus marble statue, you can be sure that you have a statue that will add its splendor and divinity to the garden for years to come, creating a lasting legacy that transcends time and space.