How to Choose the Right Bronze Fountain For Your Garden

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You have been shopping around, moving through countless online stores again and again which advertise that their fountains are the preferred choice and in the midst of all that, you have also been reviewing pricing and watching for sales on bronze fountains, and articulating and wondering just perhaps, after a lengthy process of researching bronze fountains, if you may have just found the perfect bronze water fountain for your garden or courtyard.

If you have sized your garden and studied the landscape by engaging a seasoned landscaper, you are probably ready to invest in a unique water feature like a fountain to add to the character of your garden landscape. Water fountains are outstanding options to consider for lifting the aesthetic value of your garden and will dramatically contribute to adding a beautiful focal point to the garden, luring your guests to invest their time to view the looks and delightful structure of the fountain and the manner it melds into the landscape allowing for a seamless look in your garden that is attractive while adding a welcoming treat for your guests, as they experience and appreciate the calm and peaceful sound of water cascading down the fountain. Only the right fountain you choose will allow you to enjoy its beauty with the pleasing sounds of water running and sending a calm and collective appeal to your senses.

Depending on the size of your garden space, you may invest in anything from a small fountain to a large one that will add and contribute to the character of your garden landscape. If you have done your research and zeroed down on the kind of bronze fountains that would work, there are two kinds of fountains that would work well with adding to the value of your property and they are bronze fountains and marble fountains. While it is not the nature of this article to discuss about marble fountains, just know that bronze fountains are beautiful options you could invest in to draw interest and elevate the character and beauty of your garden landscape. While both these types of fountains may cost a considerable investment, they are worthwhile ventures in creating that perfect garden oasis for your estate home. However, we caution you to be careful about choosing bronze fountains which are on sale at knock down prices.

Be Wary of Imitation Bronze Fountains:

There are many bronze water fountains in the marketplace which look the same and which may lure the customer to believe that it is their fountain which would make a good buy. They are also lowly priced and adapted to cater to the general public. Please exercise caution when investing in bronze fountains as there are many different quality levels that go with choosing the right bronze fountain that would work for your garden. While you might see the same bronze fountains sold much lower in another store, please understand that you can reproduce the same fountain with the same look but with what may be fake bronze. The real bronze is a very heavy material that is not as heavy as solid marble fountains but are heavy enough that add weight to the garden space. A good bronze fountain also has a healthy ring to it. When you lightly hit the metal or knock it, it should have a good, metallic ring to it. If you hear a dull or plastic tone, then you have not gotten a real bronze fountain but been tricked into buying a metal fountain made of varying metal composites which are cheap. Bronze fountains are not cheap solutions. They can be very expensive and are heavy pieces that need suitable ways of transporting and installing them in your garden. You should also be aware of the kind of finish that works on the bronze fountains. Most often, it should come with a rich, shiny brown patina finish that shows up uniformly on the fountain. If the finish is flat or gray colored, then the casting may be a low quality one. Always exercise caution with online companies or retailers which claim to sell a bronze fountain at a low price. You may not be paying for bronze but for a metal fountain that has been cheaply produced. This logic also applies to all bronze sculptures and statues and sales on bronze statues and fountains should be treated with caution. At TimelessBronze, you can be assured that we research only quality bronze fountains for the garden or courtyard and all our bronze water fountains may be on sale with free shipping but they are quality bronze water fountains for the garden which are designed to last in the garden for a long time.


A majestic sculpture for an estate home that has a large swimming pool or pond, this majestic and more than life size sculpture of Neptune leading three beautiful dolphins which are piped for use as a fountain sculpture, will add to a rich and beautiful impression to the grand estate home.

This monumental sculpture comes beautifully detailed with a lot of work done to finish them in colors that are designed for outdoor use. There is a lot of work that has gone on to replicate the details on this fountain sculpture and there are only two left of this marvelous sculpture. 

Visit the Life Size Majestic King Neptune with Dolphins Grand Fountain Statue with SKU# 12245


Choosing a Theme for Your Garden:

Please visit our bronze water fountains catalog for outstanding selections of bronze fountains for your garden. We have smaller bronze fountains for the courtyard or patio and grand estate bronze water fountains for the estate or luxury homes. Take a note of the size of the garden space that will work with a bronze fountain. If a tier fountain pleases you, then use a small tier fountain for a small garden space and invest in a large bronze fountain that has the use of a large space to show off its appeal which will look good when contrasted against the overall garden landscape.

All our bronze fountains are beautiful solutions you could use for elevating the look of your garden with many themes to suit your fancy like the mermaid water fountains we carry for instance which add a superb appeal to the garden enveloping the space with a treat to the mythological stories of mermaids which our artisans have carefully represented in the form of estate style mermaid fountains which tell a story of the sea, all brought to you and enveloped in the form of our quality bronze mermaid water fountains.

Our bronze fountains come with many themes and appeals. If you are looking for mythological fountains which feature Poseidon the God of the sea, you might like the one that we highlight in our catalog which is a tall and handsome structure that completes the look of the sea all brought to you in the form of our mythological Poseidon water fountain. Or if you are looking for dolphin water fountains and are taken in with the playful and friendly dolphins and wanting a slice of their appeal in your back yard or garden, you might like the numerous choices of dolphin water fountains we feature in our bronze dolphin water fountains catalog which feature a range of dolphin fountain statues shown in a pair or a set of five or more shooting streams of water into the pool or pond. Then there are those who would welcome the addition of a bronze heron or crane water fountain. Perhaps, the look of a crane water fountain is just what you want seen in your garden and we have just the right crane fountains you could use from crane fountain spitters to crane water fountains that highlight a family of cranes to complete the look of your garden landscape.

There are just so many ways that you can work to enhance the character and personality of your garden by investing the time to just study the kind of themes you would like me to see with your bronze fountain. Take some time to study what works and when you are ready to invest in a bronze fountain, make sure you have a landscaper who is professionally trained to set the bronze water fountain working for you. Bronze fountains simply add character to the garden space and highlight a unique elegance and charm with their rich bronze patina finish. When you have settled for a certain style that you want to see in your bronze fountains, you may be on the way to adding a bronze fountain that is sure to add an eye-catching focal point to your garden, transforming its look to add beauty and character to the overall garden landscape. So, just what kind of bronze fountains would work for you? We have already discussed the use of engaging a theme to add to the garden landscape and there are many others not yet discussed which would work for your garden. If you are someone who likes children themed bronze fountains then why not invest in playful boy and girl water fountains like those that you can find in our children fountain statues catalogue. Some of them include boy with turtle water fountain statues and children holding umbrella fountain statues which add an innocent appeal to your garden and are youthful additions you could make to enhance a whimsical appeal to your garden space. These themes when encased in the form of bronze water fountains simply engage an alluring appeal. Bronze fountains are elegant solutions to enhancing the overall appeal of your garden landscape and invite a grand and sophisticated appeal that will be treasured for a long time. Additionally, bronze fountains will add an inviting appeal as it ages over time blending synonymously with the surrounding garden and adding to a natural aesthetic beauty that will add melodiously to the overall landscape.  Certainly, bronze fountains are a treasure just waiting to find its way to your garden and if you can afford it, you will not be disappointed as there are just so many themes available with bronze fountains that you can use to elevate the acoustic and melodious appeal with bronze water fountains which are just waiting to be discovered by you. Do visit our bronze fountains catalog for our selections of bronze water fountains to use for your garden.

Things to Do When Shopping for Bronze Fountains:

Before we end off this blog post, I want to draw your attention to possible concerns you might have with shopping for bronze fountains. Treat this activity with enthusiasm and joy because you are working to find that ideal bronze fountain which would work to enhance and beautify your garden landscape many times over while in the process of increasing the value of your property.  Buying a bronze water fountain should therefore be a fun and interesting activity. Always research what will work for that space you have allotted for the fountain which comes down to the important point of assessing just what size your bronze outdoor fountain should be that would define the space allotted for it. You must ensure that your bronze fountain will fit aesthetically into the space that you have allotted for it. Invest in a bronze fountain that allows you to have enough walking space around it. You can try marking out the fountain basin’s footprint to visualize how it will look. Are you looking to have a bronze fountain that will be a centerpiece for your garden or do you want a fountain that will assimilate into the rest of the surrounding plants and flower beds you may have encircling the area you have selected for the fountain? Take measurements and plan the area so that the bronze fountain you invest in does not look out of place in the area and should complement the seating arrangements and pathways or walkways you already have in the area.

The other factor that you need to consider when purchasing a bronze fountain is the style of your house and the architectural character of your garden. You must choose a bronze fountain that matches the look of the garden and the style of the house you have. For instance, if your house is modern looking, it might not do well with a classically themed fountain or a fountain that is colorful with designs that are too ornate. Choose the right kind of bronze fountain that adds to the look of your house whether it is classically inclined, modern or something in between. Also, remember that the fountains could have varying patina finishing on it and may not match the surroundings of your garden. Choose wisely the kind of bronze fountain that will work and invest in an outdoor fountain that comes with the right hues and colors. Another thing that you might have missed when planning the type of bronze fountain that would work is the acoustics of the fountain. Some large bronze fountains may emit a loud splashing sound of water while smaller fountains could send low humming tones of water. It all depends on you to decide the size of the bronze fountain that would work and the type of sounds you would like heard from the fountain because at the end of the day, it is you and your family that are going to enjoy the fountain and you want that bronze fountain which your guests and family can enjoy. One thing to remember is that  large tier fountains could generate more acoustics than a smaller tier fountain. The sound of the water cascading from the top to the bottom of the basin could get loud but pleasant with large bronze fountains which have quality and come with a well designed platform which brings us to the installation and maintenance requirements of the bronze fountains. Always engage a professional  licensed landscaper who is qualified to set up your fountain for you. The person will be qualified to decide on the kind of fountain pump that will work as well as other areas like the way to clean your bronze fountain and pump, refilling it with water and winterizing it as needed.

Here are just some of the Bronze Fountains we carry. Please visit our Bronze Fountains Catalog and email us at for any questions you may have on our fountains. You can also visit our Luxury Bronze Fountains Catalog for our choices in luxury and estate grand fountains.


Designed to bring joyous fun to the garden, discover this Grand Maiden and Children Bronze Courtyard Fountain and herald a unique statement to the garden which will also send awes to your guests. Standing at a height of 97"H, this inspiring fountain simply ebbs with childlike play as four children are seen enjoying themselves in the fountain basin while two maidens pour water down to the basin from a generously detailed scallop shell bowl. Truly a grand courtyard fountain that will add childlike sentiments to a luxury estate home, this tall and classical fountain comes with richly defined Italian dolphin images that add to a lovely and serene appeal. 

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Highlight the garden with our Life Size Bronze Mermaid Fountain Sculpture with Shell and Dolphins.  Standing life size at a height of some 89”, our life size mermaid fountain sculpture is a beautiful statue to display in a hotel, park, restaurant or park where she can be used to guard your fishes in the pond.

Our large mermaid statue is seen emerging from the waves holding a conch shell that is designed to send water into the pond or pool. She comes accompanied by two dolphins as shown in the image. Cast in bronze using the lost wax process, our life size mermaid sculpture is the perfect addition to a water feature and comes with a hand applied finish that makes her suitable for outdoor use.

 Visit the Life Size Bronze Mermaid Fountain Sculpture with Shell and Dolphins SKU# 34031.