Shop for Memorial Angel Statues That Are Made of Marble

Memorial angel statues are designed for the grave or cemetery and for adding peace to the garden.

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If you are shopping for memorial angel statues, then you have come to the right place. Our memorial angel statues are sculpted in Italy and come with many styles to suit your interest. For centuries, the celestial world has marveled us and timeless angel statues have been created that simply inspires anyone looking at it. Many famous sculptors like Donatello and Michelangelo have sculpted timeless angel sculptures that have baffled the human race as they capture realistic details of angels which are awe inspiring highlighting the charismatic manner of their hands and faces all told with such intensity that will melt anyone who sees these marvelous angel statues on display.

Our selection of memorial angel statues come beautifully detailed and capture the serene and

Kneeling Angel Statues add a peaceful addition as they capture a prayer from heaven.

peaceful faces of the angels. When you look at our memorial angel sculptures, you can be sure that they are from another world. These beautiful angels capture angelic character and highlight expressions which are timeless and out of this world. When you see our angel sculptures in person, you will be captivated by the manner they stand and look at the world. You will know that this is just the right memorial angel sculpture for adding to the garden or for the cemetery plot of a loved one where the presence of the angel will just usher in an invitation that is truly divine and will make you want to pray and connect with these celestial beings.

When you shop for memorial angel statues, choose marble as the medium for expressing your love for the grave of the one who has departed. Another material we represent that will add a timeless addition to the garden are bronze angel statues which have been tested through time and are now delivered to add a beautiful and celestial perspective to the garden. Our angel sculptures are hand carved from a single block of marble and are detailed by a master sculptor who has the technical and artistic ability to deliver the right kind of angel sculpture for you. When you look at our memorial angel sculptures, you will be mesmerized by the powerful looks of the angel which is so divine that you will have many people praising the looks of the angel and the beautiful divine aura it emits to anyone who comes near it. The memorial angel sculptures we have are just so breathtaking that you will want to add them to your garden where it will create a focal point for all to admire.

Our memorial angel sculptures come with many dimensions. When you visit our memorial angels, you will find a selection of four different sizes we offer for the angel you like. We do the 12”, 24” , 36” and 72” high memorial angel statues but if needed we can do the 18”, 48” and 60” memorial angel statues should you prefer an angel in one of those dimensions. Please let us know what will work for you and we will send you a quote based on the memorial angel statue style that will work for you. These angels are sculpted by hand in Italy and have a 3-5 months lead time. We will always try our best to ship these angel statues as quickly as we can to you but we do not want to push the sculptors to do a quick job. Sculpting is an art and calls for a lot of experience handling a heavy block of marble and sculpting it with the right tools that will deliver a pristine and beautiful angel statue that will work for you. These memorial angel sculptures we highlight are based on actual angel sculptures which have been sculpted years ago and are favored highly for the peaceful and life like details they deliver wherever they are placed. When you invest in these memorial angel sculptures, just know they are time tested and will deliver the value and ethereal beauty they depict with their presence in your garden or the grave of your loved one.

Italian Memorial Angel Statues

When you invest in memorial angels made in marble, you will realize that such angel sculptures add a different dimension to the landscape that you would not see with cheap resin pieces. Marble angel statues simply transform the atmosphere to a peaceful state that will invite a divine flow to the garden. It is just that such memorial angels emit ethereal beauty and will evoke a sense of awe and wonder, inspiring a deeper connection with the divine. When you see such angels like the ones we highlight in our online catalog, you will find comfort and solace in the presence of these celestial beings, and will want to show your prayer and devotion to the divine. The outstretched wings, clasped hands in prayer, and the serene expressions conveyed on the angel face emits a message of transcendence, reminding worshipers of the higher realms and the love they bear for the human race.

Our selections of memorial angel sculptures are timeless considerations for the garden and will elevate the space  in the cemetery to an inspiring one. Place the angel sculpture in a space that will allow for a focal point to be met. Memorial angel sculptures come with a divine and sometimes serious countenance usually showing their hands pointed to heaven or clasped on their chests sometimes in prayer. Choose marble angel statues that will deliver the character you seek in a memorial angel and consider them as investments that are worth the expense. Nothing beats the value of a marble angel statue and with the number of memorial angel statues we have, we are sure you will find the right one that will take precedence in your garden or cemetery. Please email us at if you have any questions on our memorial angel statues.