Some Frog Facts You May Not Have Known

Some Frog Facts You May Not Have Known

So many of us are curious about frogs! We see them in the garden and we are always fascinated with them. If you take a walk to the library and tour the number of children’s books written on frogs, you’d be fascinated because there are just so many to intrigue the young mind like The Frog Prince as an instance. For one thing, frogs seem to attain a more human character when told in children’s stories and they are mostly directed at advising and nurturing the young mind. Indeed, you might find some funny stories but there are others which may tell the child a more serious tale so they understand and relate the lessons learned to their more human lives. Ever heard of Kermit the Frog? I have! Of course, not all children may be familiar with Kermit the Frog from the Muppets Show but some may learn a thing or two watching Ms. Piggy and Kermit chatter and banter about their everyday lives.

So, what’s so fascinating about frogs? When you shop for frogs, you might find a number of interesting statues and sculptures which you may fancy. Some frogs are shown reading a book and will do well as a gift idea for the hardworking student or teacher. Then you might find frog bookends to hold your favorite books and add some naturalistic wildlife theme to your shelves. There are yet others which are simply adorable! They may be shaped like planters or could be young frogs holding your favorite musical instruments like a saxophone, violin or flute. Whatever it is, frogs are an interesting subject and the fact is there are so many species of frogs that it is simply impossible to write about all of them here. However, here are some fun facts which may interest you about frogs. You might find some surprising, scary and even interesting.

Stay Away from the Poison Dart Frog

Yes, stay a mile away because the least you need is a spray right on your face. Have you seen those cute and adorable looking little frogs in the zoo? They are shown in glass units and they look so pretty and colorful. You can see them in just about any radiant color from red, yellow, green and blue! But wait a minute. Don’t ever get too close to one because poison dart frogs are as their name says. They are poisonous. One of the most poisonous is the golden poison dart frog. One gram of the toxin is enough to kill 100,000 people.

Shedding Skin Regularly

Some frogs are known to shed their skin almost every day. Others may shed their skin weekly but the fact is they do it regularly to keep their skin healthy. After they have shed their skin, they will eat it and there’s a reason for that. The skin is said to contain important nutrients and protein, and so frogs usually eat it as a way of nourishing itself.

Father Frog Spits out Babies from Mouth

Have you heard of the Darwin’s frog? The male Darwin’s frog stores its babies in its vocal sac but once they start to grow and become frogs, he will cough them out of his mouth! It’s kind of strange when you think about it because this frog only measures about 1.5 inches but it is said that the vocal sac is huge and stretches over the abdomen to the groin area giving the tadpoles the space they need. This is an interesting frog too because when it fails to camouflage itself, it has a habit of playing dead! Sadly, this species of frog is facing extinction.

Freezing Frog that Comes to Live

Did you know there is a strange frog called the wood frog which freezes during winter and unthaws in spring? The wood frog which lives in much of North America is known to find a spot under leaves and would freeze during winter. During this time, its body begins to shut down and its breathing and muscle movements stop. It is said that the wood frog will become hard during this time and there is a clink you can hear when you drop the frog on the ground.  The frog has special proteins in its blood which causes the water in the blood to freeze first. This in turn sucks most of the water out of the frog’s cells. The frog’s liver then begins making a special type of glucose which enters the cell and hardens it up. When spring comes, the frog will begin to thaw and will revive as good as new when water flows into the cells and causes the blood to circulate again.

Seen a Frog Drink Water?

Did you know that the frog does not drink water? It has a special way of getting to it though. Frog will absorb water directly through their skin and that helps the frog stay wet. However, it also can lose water from its skin as well and hence, needs to stay near water sources.

There’s so much we can learn about frogs and the reason why there are so many sculptures on them. We are so intrigued by frogs and we show our interest by keeping some whimsical forms of them. Frogs are also held in reverence by many cultures which see them as good luck. In ancient Egypt, frogs are seen as a symbol of fertility. They also make favorite dishes in parts of the world like France and China.

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