The 4 Ways of Communicating with Angels

Many of us like to communicate with angels. We are so eager to understand the divine and to find ways to make our lives more peaceful and better on a spiritual level. Knowing angels is a divine process. It takes years to perfect the art of knowing and working with them but that’s not to say it is not possible. There are many ways of communicating with angels. You can communicate with them telepathically and through an inner knowing or even through dreams and signs. The messages come in many ways and are done in the best way possible to make you understand.

Communication Through Telepathy

Telepathy is the means of receiving information directly into your mind without any form of interference. It is like an inner voice that you hear which seems to resound alongside your own thought processes but is not a part of it. You see, the angels have a way of feeding your mind with what they want you to hear and all kinds of words might suddenly form when you least expect it. Sometimes, the angels may also let you experience some mental images and symbols to help you understand better. For those who find it hard to understand, just know that when angels communicate with you, it feels like you are talking to yourself but in reality, the thought and idea put into you is really not yours’.

Most often, in telepathy, the angels will lead you to think in a certain way when you least expect to think of it in that way. You will be surprised at how messages of the most unusual kind can suddenly be felt in your mind. You know you did not think of it and yet it flows into your mind so easily. Well, those are messages passed on by your angels to you! Again, it takes a while to understand the way angels may talk to you but over time, you will understand how the messages are sent to you. The messages will always be delivered to you calmly and in a loving way. You will never feel forced but rather will be put at rest to receive the messages. And in the event when the messages are sent as a warning, you might feel a sense of dread about it but the message when delivered, is always given with divine love and not in a malicious way. Telepathic communication with the angels is one of the most frequent forms of communicating with angels. If you understand how to use it, it can be really a fulfilling experience “talking” to an angel this way.

Communication Through a Sense of Inner Knowing

This is also another way that angels can communicate with you. Sometimes when you least expect it, you find that you suddenly know things you never knew about. You may wonder how it came to be but did you realize that perhaps something divine has touched you? Maybe, your angels are simply speaking to you. When you realize that information is being brought to you in a way you least expect it, you must turn your way to the angels and thank them for letting you understand better. You see, angels always offer their guidance to us. When you choose to understand them more, they will find ways to help you and this can happen by them putting information in us so that we know things. It is why you will develop an inner sense of knowing. It will come out of nowhere and when you least expect it and everything suddenly seems a lot more clearer than it would otherwise have been.

Communication Through Dreams

There are times when you might dream something and you realize that dream has become so pertinent to you. The revelation of the dream can sometimes be felt the next day or some years from the time of the dream but that dream you received led you to a certain pathway you never expected. When you sleep, you open yourself to a new plane when your body and soul are both at rest. During this time, you will experience a sense of higher consciousness and state. It is also the time when your angels might find it the best time to send a sign or message to you. Some people have been known to receive words from the Bible during this time. It is amazing how the angels can communicate with you in your dreams. When you dream, it also allows the angels to communicate with you more at length and instead of sending you a few words, the angels can create pictures and images to tell you something so you understand better.

Communication Through Signs

This is another form that the angels may use to communicate with you at length. They might find ways to use all types of signs to help you understand a situation or to warn you of impending danger. One day, I was sifting through my flour when a strange sign was delivered on the sifted flour. I realized it was a cross and the angels were sending me this sign to let me know I should not forget my prayers. It amazed me and I thanked the angels for sending me the message. Angels will use all these to help you understand they are always near you. You might see a flash of light, hear music you never imagined and see objects to lead you to a certain train of thought. Angelic communication can be achieved through meditation and understanding the various forms of communication discussed here. It is possible to establish communication with angels if you are sensitive to them. Happy exploring the angel world!