Using Angels as Memorial Monuments in a Cemetery

Have you ever wondered why sculptures in a cemetery or memorial garden are usually shaped in the form of angels? Well, the answer to that is quite clear. Angels are our guides. They are sent by God to protect and guide us here on earth and because they are powerful, spiritual beings associated closely with the divine, we have learned to associate angels as our protectors and guides. The influence of angels and the way we regard them becomes very obvious in cemeteries and tombstones where you can even find them etched as paintings on the tombstones or guarding a plot.

For centuries, mankind has always shown an interest in angels. Step into any cemetery and you will find these beautiful winged spiritual beings sculpted in many ways to show their protection over you. It can be such a refreshing experience simply walking by to admire these angel sculptures. Just one look and you will find all sorts of angels and even cherubs about you. You have angels which are created to weep over lost souls who may have suffered an untimely death, guardian angels shown with a child or baby, and even angels which hold torches and swords. Some angels are also sculpted to appear as if they are leading the souls to heaven while others are shown wearing a halo and praying over the souls of the lost ones as if guiding them into heaven. It is amazing to simply look at these angels because each of them tells a story about the dead person they are created to guard and protect. Have you ever heard of the Angel of Grief? There are so many replicas of this angel found all across cemeteries and graves in the world. We also offer one of these angels as a choice for customers. The sculpture is based on the 1894 sculpture by William Wetmore Story. Story created this sculpture just before he died for the gravestone of this wife. The story is told that he died the following year he sculpted the angel and is now buried next to his wife at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome.

Some people seek the refuge of the cemeteries and the lure is always the angels and the calm, scenic view it affords. Over time, some of the angel sculptures and statues would have aged gracefully to show timeless beauty. And so, it isn’t surprising that many of these angels would have inspired a painting or an artisan looking to craft an angel for the marketplace. Thus, walking through a cemetery or a graveyard sometimes uncovers the most charming angel sculptures and statues you might ever see. Some are so beautiful and inspiring setting their guard over the tombstone they are directed to watch while others may be created to set guard over a chosen pathway or street to a tombstone or grave plot. Whether you call them “memorial angels” or “cemetery angels”, angels hold us spellbound. We marvel simply looking at them and thus, the next time you walk to into a cemetery, try to observe the countenance and mood of the angel sculpture. Think of the feeling and emotions that must have been with the sculptor when he or she created the sculpture. Above all, angels watch over us. When you walk into a cemetery, you can be sure that their presence and character is felt for a long stretch across the plain. It is a good place to reflect and think about the peace they offer us both in this world and in the next