Waxing Your Indoor Bronze Sculptures

We recommend that you wax your bronze sculptures at least once a year for sculptures kept indoors and two to three times a year for sculptures left out in the open. Try waving with French Wax, Trewax, Johnson Wax or even your Kiwi shoe polish. 

When waxing your indoor sculptures, use a soft cloth or old T-shirt. Before your begin waxing however, gently wipe any dust that may sit on your sculpture. You can also use a soft bristled paintbrush to wipe off any dust in textured areas of your sculpture. When the sculpture is dry, apply a thick coat of Trewax with a soft bristled brush. You will notice that the patina may darken with this application. However when the wax dries, the original color of the sculpture will show up. Wait for about 5-10 minutes then gently buff back with your cloth or T-shirt. Keep waxing until you achieve the desired shine.