What is it About Cats that Enchant Us?

Bronze Cat StatueWhat is it about cats that make us want to love them more? To be true, it is not always possible to figure them out. Just take a look at them and I mean look at them hard enough and you know they are such mysterious creatures. But if you are like me and someone who is checking out a cat statues catalog, then quite obviously you are someone who likes cats. Or better yet, to put it clearly, someone who loves cats just like me! Notice I used the word “love” and that’s because when you have a cat, chances are they will grow with you all throughout their lifetime. It would be so hard to let them go when time has built that sweet relationship with your pet. Just one look at their beautiful endearing eyes and you know they have you right where they want you. And which brings me to my next question…what is it about cats that make us wonder about them so much? I mean, why do we feel so irresistibly connected to them?

Quite obviously, for a start and given that you are reading this article, it must be that you are a proud owner of a cat or if you are not, chances are you must have once owned a cat. The possibilities are endless because you could also be someone who is looking to present a cat statue. Maybe, you want to shop a cat gift for your best friend. Perhaps, you need a cat angel statue to mark the passing of your friend’s cat. It is a thoughtful gift or just maybe, it is a cat statue that you have in mind for your mother’s garden since she loves cats so much but the fact that you stumbled on this page, it most likely means you are shopping for a certain kind of cat statue that will work for you. Maybe you want a sleeping cat statue that you could use to add whimsical interest to the garden or just maybe, you are looking for a cat bird feeder statue to welcome your feathered friends to the garden.

Or could it be you are shopping for a set of cat bookends so you can be happily reminded how precious they are to you holding your favorite books together? Then again, you might be someone looking to add an element of surprise to a ledge pitching a happy cat statue on the ledge or a garden wall? Wouldn’t that make heads turn? Yes, you got that right. There are so many cat statues and even kittens to add interest to a home or a garden and certainly, to a shelf. All this told, it is quite obvious that cats are here to stay because the truth is they have taken over our hearts. As humans, we have developed a weakness for our cat and of course, we think of them so much every day buying their favorite goodies from our favorite pet store and not to forget, shopping for gadgets that would make their lives so much easier and meaningful for them.

Life with our cats is a story worth penning in our diaries. They are so colorful and playful. They keep us happy too and as you grow with them, you learn so much about them. One look sometimes tells them just what you are thinking and with that comes the knowledge and joy of discovering just how lovable they can be. Well, let’s be true. Cats like dogs, can be man’s best friend. They bring joy to our hearts and even when they’re at their worst and being the most obnoxious pussy you could ever imagine. Really, it is so hard to get annoyed with them. They know how to make you smile! And so tell me, what is it about cats that captures our hearts and makes us want to love them so much? Is it their charm that makes us want to know them more or could it be that we are so mesmerized thinking of how they captivate our hearts? Whatever it is, we know one thing. Cats are here to stay in our lives. Without them, the world would be just one lonely place without our favorite pussy cat to snuggle close to and purr their charm away.