What is it About Cherubs?

Cherub statues add a celestial addition to the garden landscape.Many homeowners welcome statues of cherubs into their garden as a way of protecting their home and celebrating the garden. Yet, many confuse angels and cherubs without understanding what they really are. According to the study of angels, also termed as angelology, cherubs or cherubim form the second highest rank in the angelic hierarchy after the seraphim. Based on the frequent use in scriptures, cherubs are often connected with God and mentioned in His presence. In the Christian faith, cherubs are celebrated as the second highest order in the hierarchy of the angels. For instance, the Saint Michael’s chaplet celebrates the cherubs as being the second highest order in the choir of angels. Hence, cherubs are angelic beings and are most frequent associated as being in the presence of God and included in the worship of the Lord.

They are first mentioned in Genesis 3:24 as guarding the Garden of Eden with a flaming sword. In the Book of Exodus, cherubs are mentioned in the design of the lid belonging to the Ark of the Covenant. There is a lot of literature written about what the cherubs are about and for the many ways they are depicted in the Christian and Jewish religions. Many confuse the cherubs with the “putto” or “putti” while others have associated the Graeco Roman God Cupid as a cherub. As a result, cherubs are oftentimes portrayed as small and pudgy faced winged boys usually seen in the form of human babies or as young boys. Some also portray cherubs as holding flaming swords. In Ezekiel 10 and in Ezekiel 1, cherubs are described as having four faces (that of a cherub, human, lion, and eagle) and in 10:14, they are said to have the look of a human, lion, ox, and eagle. In 1:6-23; 10:21, cherubs are also described as having four wings, two used for flying and two for covering their bodies.

Cherubs will always fascinate us because of their importance in the holy Scriptures. It isn’t surprising then why they are used to create imagery in the garden. Today, there are many types of statues which highlight cherubs as a way of celebrating the garden. For instance, these angelic beings are used to represent the seasons and many people will purchase statues of cherubs showing the symbol of the seasons to add to their garden. The spring cherub for instance will be designed as ushering the flower blossoms and are oftentimes created to hold a pot of flowers. The autumn cherub however may wear a wreath of gravevine and hold a cluster of grapes to celebrate fall. Cherubs also make unique gift ideas for friends and have found their way as additions for cemetery and memorial markers. It is best to purchase marble or bronze cherubs or those looking to make them memorial sculptures for the garden or cemetery.