When You Consider Cement Mounting your Bronze Sculptures

You can consider cement mnounting your sculptures if you know where you wish to place them in your garden and to prevent theft.Bronze sculptures are inspiring additions to consider for the home or the garden. If you are concerned about theft, you can secure your statues to the ground through two methods. The first method discussed in an earlier blog post is bracket mounting where the base of your statue is welded to a cement foundation and then buried in part into the ground. The second method is cement mounting with a foundation that is also made of cement. 

Cement mounting can lead to desirable results although the set-up may be a little complicated. This method works because bronze sculptures are designed to be hollow and are not made solid. In this method, a rod is installed under the bronze statue to hide it from view. The installation expert then places the statue over wet cement to secure it. The rod in the statue will anchor the statue to the cement foundation making it harder for someone to take the statue away.