Why Marble Angel Statues Evoke So Much Charm

Marble Angel statues

When we think of angels (visit our Marble Angel Statues catalog), we think of celestial beings chosen by God to reside on earth and care for the human race. We as humans want to believe in the work of the angels and that they will help us when we pray and call out to them using religion as a way of connecting with them. There are so many interpretations of what an angel is about and many of us are curious to learn more about them and one of the questions which come to our mind is the way the angels look. We wonder how an angel looks like. Some believe angels look like humans and have wings while others feel that angels may not always look like humans citing the seraphim which are fiery angels which deviate from the common belief on how an angel typically looks. In Christian angelology, Seraphim are the red-winged angels who exist next to the throne of God like the cherubs. These winged angels belong to the first hierarchy of angels and are said to have six wings according to the Old Testament Book of Isaiah.

The doctrine of angels have always influenced mankind who has been fascinated with discovering them in our lives. Indeed, every religion has got some idea of what angels are about. While angels are prominently featured in Abrahamic traditions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, these celestial beings have also influenced other religions like Hinduism and. Buddhism. In the Hindu faith, angels are conceived as “devas” and believed to engage in various aspects of the cosmos.

Indeed, angels have always interested man who has made effort to understand them. Some even believe they are able to connect with these spiritual beings and get their help in human matters. The fascination with angels has led to the availability of angel statues in the marketplace and attempts to use these angel statues to connect with the celestial world. Some believe that by including them to the home or garden, they can get spiritual help from the divine and invite angels to reside in the garden. Some also believe that by keeping angels, they can bring in positive glow and spiritual help from the divine. Hence, with that in mind, people tend to buy angel statues to keep a watch over their home or garden. While resin angels are the cheapest finds you could make when attempting to find an angel for the garden or cemetery, marble angel statues embody divine grace and have been celebrated across the centuries by Europe especially so in Italy and Spain where incredibly beautiful landmarks like churches and parks have marble angel statues that have tested time and are still standing till this day. These marble angel statues are still beautiful look at even though they have been produced many centuries ago. It is the reason why we feel that marble angel statues are the best bet for your money. Somehow, marble angel statues capture holiness and beauty, and have classical influence in the Renaissance era where they were widely reproduced and displayed for all to see. Resin angel statues have only evolved recently and while they may be beautiful to look at, they will crack and deteriorate over time when subjected to the weather conditions here in the United States. Marble angel statues on the other hand are delightful pieces to invest in as they capture beauty and are often reproduced to act as sentinels in the cemetery or graveyard where they will age gracefully over time while offering comfort to those who visit the graves of their loved ones.This is so with high quality angel statues which still exist today in what is now modern Europe. Even till this day, we still say a prayer before the marble angel statues seeking their intervention in our lives, and those who believe in them offer thanks to the solace and comfort angels bring while guiding us in times of difficulty. You can view some of the finest marble angel statues ever sculpted in churches, cathedrals and sacred spaces across the European world where they imbue both holiness and beauty adding a sense of reverence and awe as they invite the earthly world to say a prayer through their intervention that would allow them to bridge the gap between man and God’s kingdom. If you are someone who is fascinated with angels, you might like to visit Europe where you will find marble angel statues which sit in altars, alcoves and vaulted ceilings. These inspiring angel statues are usually made of marble and look incredibly divine as they sit and watch the human race enter and leave the cathedrals or chapels each time they pray across the centuries.

If you do notice the celestial beings carved on the walls of the church or integrated into the body of the church, you will most often feel the glow of divine light coming before you when you express appreciation for the ethereal beauty of God’s angels as they stand by you during your prayers. Somehow there is just absolute beauty in these marble angel statues that you see. They simply evoke awe and wonder as you observe them and many people have only expressed gratitude when their wishes are granted. Perhaps, the angels were at work and are helping to connect your prayers to the divine so that you get the answer that you want from God. Some of these marble angel statues highlight so much detail in the way their wings are carved which they may keep outstretched while at other times, their hands are often seen in prayer sometimes looking up to seek heavenly help from God. One of the famous landmarks for studying the beauty of marble angel statues includes the Angel of the Annunciation by Antonio Raggi, which is situated in the Basilica di Sant'Andrea delle Fratte in Rome. Here, you will find the sacred moment which captures the archangel Gabriel’s visit to the Virgin Mary. This marble wonder stands as testimony to the Christian faith as it marks a significant time when the Angel advises Mary that she will have the Son of God in her womb and that He should be called Jesus. Etched forever to remain under the protection of the church, such marble angel statues will always add an impact on the people who visit to discover these hidden beauties.

Marble angel statues are beautiful additions to make to the niches of the church and garden. You will most often find them adorning the altarpieces of churches and cathedrals, adding a touch of celestial elegance to these sacred spaces. They can also be suspended from vaulted ceilings where they will add celestial beauty to the interior of the church. Marble angel statues can also be added to the courtyards and garden, providing a tranquil oasis for reflection and prayer.

If you are able to make a good investment, then why not consider the beauty of the angels to the home especially marble angel statues because they add timeless beauty which last for many generations. Unlike resin angels which eventually degrade over time, marble angel statues are durable statues which age well and possess an innate beauty that is both  surreal and holy. They have lasted the centuries because of the deep meaning accrued to them. Angels are often seen as symbols of hope, faith, and the divine and that has not changed throughout history. Somehow, marble angel statues have the power to inspire us and it is one of these reasons that American homeowners enjoy having an angel statue or two, to adorn their home or serve as a memorial statue for a loved one. Angels offer us a sense of hope and comfort in times of need and are the most chosen ones to adorn the cemetery or grave of someone dear. Quality angel marble statues as the ones we highlight in our catalog, are used for the outdoors and will add an inspiring statement for the garden, adding peace and tranquility in this highly stressed out world we live in. They can also serve well when introduced in the foyers or front entrances of the house. They not only add a sense of holiness but also add a focal point that adds grace and elegance to the home.

If you invest in marble angel statues, ensure that they are made from weather-resistant marble and treated with a suitable sealant. If you invest in marble angel statues of poor quality, you must be prepared to see them degrade under the harsh weather conditions. Please be vigilant and ask for weather resistant marble statues so that all you need to do on your part to keep them properly maintained, is just regular maintenance to hold them through the seasons. When placing a marble statue outdoors, always use a covered area that does not get direct sunlight. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove surface dust regularly and use mild soap water to wipe off the dirt. Do not use hard abrasives as that could peel off the sealant they come with. Depending on the type of marble you have gotten, consider applying a marble sealant to protect against stains.

Finally, one must recognize that marble angel statues are more than just statues. They give life to beautiful and holy celestial beings which help guide us in our life’s journey. It is a joy to see angel statues made of marble as they capture the ethereal quality of angels beautifully so you can relate to them. The fact is marble angel statues are products of high and superior craftsmanship which add to the timeless beauty of marble and when they age, they become alluring creations for the garden inviting a celestial appeal that is simply mesmerizing. It is hard to ignore the beauty of marble as it engineers the look of the heavenly glow on the angel statues so that you will not be disappointed. We at TimelessBronze.com will take care of your marble angel statue order so that you will get the awesome angel statue you want. Please check out our marble angel statues catalog for several unique selections and styles we do with angels and add celestial grace to your home or garden today. Please email us at tion_art@yahoo.com or text us at 9174840916. You will be happy you did trusting us to supply you with the marble angel statue of your choice.