Why Marble Angel Statues Evoke the Divine


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So you are looking for marble angel statues and you are probably wondering if they are worth the investment. For many, marble angel statues astound and mesmerize with their good looks and acute attention to detail and then there’s the value they create in the garden, sending powerful signals to heaven and welcoming the chorus of angels to your garden. Indeed, the choice of investing in marble angels is simply a beautiful and excellent consideration to make. It is true that marble angel statues which also make excellent grave angel statues have stood the test of time and are inspiring sculptures that captivate a wide audience considering their ethereal beauty and serene presence. And those angels that are hand carved from marble are simply awe inspiring and will serve well as angel monuments for parks and cemeteries where they will stand the test of time and imbue the surroundings with their heavenly and holy presence.

Investing your money in marble angel statues will not leave you disappointed. It does cost quite a lot of money but these heavenly guardians will add a calm and peaceful addition to the garden and that’s because of the element they are made of. Marble sculptures most often render a quality statement wherever they are placed.

This metamorphic rock which is formed from limestone, renders features and a range of emotions which are prized for its elegance, durability, and workability.  This is further accentuated with the availability of different types of marble such as Carrara, Statuario, and Calacatta, which offer a spectrum of colors and grain patterns, that make them high choices for marble sculptors looking for the right type of marble to carve an angel statue, which when sculpted, allows them to convey a range of emotions and expressions on the statue. Using marble as the medium for the sculpting of the statue is truly a mission that creates the inspiring angel statue you are looking for and marble has always been the medium that skilled artisans invest in which has been told across the centuries through the numerous angel statues which stand today most often in countries like Italy and Spain where beautiful angel statues have been created by Bernini, Guidi and Monteverde. These outstanding marble angel sculptures have stood the tests of time and are highly regarded by many people all across the world. One example is the Angel with the Crown of Thorns sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini which was originally commissioned for the Ponte Sant’Angelo project in 1667 and was completed in 1669. These famous angel sculptures are hand carved from marble and are timeless pieces which continue to inspire awe and wonder in the hearts of many who have had a chance to see them in person or read about them in books which have extolled about their beauty and presence. With the availability of marble, sculptors know that their rendition of an angel will be successfully carved because of the purity and structural integrity of marble and its ability to conceive the right kind of marble angel sculpture.

So, why is there so much fascination with angels? Why are people willing to spend thousands to invest in marble angel sculptures which make good gravestone or cemetery marble angel statues? For centuries, angels have captured our imagination and are demonstrated in many ways through religion art where they are frequently depicted on the stained glass windows of churches and chapels. In early times, angels were often used in religious narratives where they appeared in frescoes, mosaics and as angel sculptures adorning churches and cathedrals. During the Renaissance era, the love for angels became even stronger when they were sculpted by master artisans like Donatello and Michelangelo. These sculptors took a lot of pleasure in their work and produced iconic angelic sculptures which were realistically done with character and with a life of their own. A look at these priceless sculptures made of marble and you know that they are just the kind of marble angel statue you want for your garden or church. Our selection of marble angel statues are iconic classical  angel sculptures which capture the beauty of Italian artistry and are based on reproductions which have been hand carved by master artisans of the past. They are just the kind of marble angel statues you could use as memorial sculptures on monuments or for the entryway of churches or the entrance of cemeteries. These works of art capture a harmonious blend of earthly realism and heavenly splendor, and have evolved through the passage of time reflecting shifts in artistic style, cultural influences, and theological interpretations. While the looks of the angels evolved, sculptors have always captured angels as protectors, messengers, and conduits of divine love. In the modern era, angels have been reimagined but always retaining the core essence of these heavenly beings. Some modern day sculptors embrace the minimalist forms of art emphasizing purity and simplicity while other sculptors evoke a sense of mystery and transcendence with the way they want their angel sculptures to look, experimenting most often with abstract interpretations. Today, modern day sculptors combine classical craftsmanship with innovative ways of delivering the form and face of an angel and most demonstrate their angel art by using marble as the preferred medium because they can carve their visions of what an angel looks like using this excellent marble stone that simply possesses an enduring allure that allows sculptors to capture realism and beauty with the way they believe an angel looks like.

Marble angel statues and sculptures oftentimes possess realistic details as sculptors take a lot of pride and character to hand carve the angels to what they are said to look like. Sculpting an angel statue from a block of marble requires a sculptor to be patient. It is not an easy task to do when it comes to roughing out the marble stone to a basic form and for this, sculptors rely on a set of tools like chisels, rasps and hammers to define and shape the marble to birth an angel complete with an ethereal or heavenly splendor. Once the sculptor creates the basic form of the angel sculpture, they will use finer tools for carving more intricate details so that they will capture the serene and exquisite facial details of an angel face and the soft robes of the angel’s attire moving as their wings are stretched outwards ready to fly.  The flowing robes draped around the angel is usually beautifully created to symbolize purity and grace as the angel comes from heaven and connects with us to reveal a spiritual grandeur that captivates our attention to love them for guiding us during our time on earth.

Carving an angel from marble is not easy and presents its challenges. For one thing, the density of marble and their crystalline nature can cause fractures that can seriously test the sculptor’s ability to successfully carve the angel. Then there remains other factors like the physical demand of handling a heavy marble block that can present an issue for sculptors who are not physically adept at handling such heavy materials. Only a skilled artisan will be able to handle such work as he is usually a seasoned marble sculptor who knows the way to deal with the intricacies and demands of carving a heavy marble. With experience, such a sculptor circumvents the tough dilemma of handling a heavy marble to transcend its materiality, and create successfully a marble angel statue that highlights ethereal and timeless beauty which speaks to the soul.

Why Marble Angel Statues are Preferred

Marble angel statues are more than just works of art. They are symbols of timeless beauty. When an angel is carved by a master artisan, you can imagine that they are going to be beautiful as they will successfully replicate the delicate feathers on the wings of the angel and not forget to capture the sweet and peaceful angelic details of their facial expressions. Sometimes, the sculptor highlights a symbolic meaning to the angel’s hands where they may be seen with open arms meaning the offer of guidance and protection, or they may be  clasped together with eyes focused towards heaven capturing a prayer.

There is just an attraction towards marble angel statues because you just can’t ignore the beautiful presence it gives to a space. It simply beautifies and magnifies the space it takes giving out an aura that is heavenly and warm. When someone looks at the enchanting marble angel sculptures of the past, one cannot stop admiring and feeling for the beauty that these ancient marble statues convey to us. One of the most famous marble angel sculptures is the Angel of the Annunciation by Antonio Raggi situated in the Basilica di Sant'Andrea delle Fratte in Rome which captures the moment of the angel's visit (Saint Gabriel) to the Virgin Mary. This beautiful marble sculpture is a truly magnificent artwork which commemorates a significant event in Christian tradition and has drawn a crowd who are eager to appreciate its profound beauty.

Marble angel statues truly enchant us. Marble is a timeless medium from which man uses to impress on us the meaning of his artwork. Marble has a way of communicating to us the meaning of the angel sculpture which stands for hope and faith and the power of the divine in our earthly affairs. Unlike other mediums used to communicate to man, marble has an enduring effect which over time, casts a radiance to the surrounding area from where it stands. Somehow, there is just a warmth feeling that comes about with a marble angel sculpture and if it is a life size marble angel statue, the feeling it casts with its presence, is simply exalting. We revere the beauty it casts upon us and we will remain enthralled at the ethereal beauty it emits to us. When we see a marble angel statue, we somehow find solace and peace having such beautiful sculptures surround us. The fact is angel marble statues which include cemetery marble angel statues will transform the space they occupy communicating to us the beauty of the divine and seeking us to engage in celestial power which only heaven can emit. It is God who sends the angels down to earth to guide and care for us, the human race. If you are investing in marble angel statues or seeking to purchase memorial angel statues, you will be transformed to love the presence of the divine which is emitted with marble angel statues. You will feel a sense of protection and guidance emitted with marble angel statues because of the way they are created to watch over us. The sculptor has a divine part in creating these celestial beings in the form of statues to draw us closer to God. With the manner these marble angel statues are displayed as they highlight their outstretched wings and clasped hands in prayer, we as humans, will be urged to discover the higher realms of the divine through the angelic powers manifested with the presence of marble angel statues in our garden or when we visit the church to pay our respects to God.

Indeed marble angel statues are powerful intercessors that bring us closer to the celestial beings from heaven called angels. Through this medium, we can be powerfully connected to God’s chosen angels which are responsible for taking care of the affairs of the human race. At TimelessBronze.com, you will see many marble angel sculptures which make fine memorial garden angel statues that captivate the love of the angels for the human race. Our marble angel statues are beautiful additions which come imbibed with love and peace, and are based on actual reproductions which have existed across the centuries. While they may be expensive, they are an investment which have the ability to connect to the divine realm through the medium they are made of which when aged, results in a soothing and peaceful aura that simply touches our hearts. If you have a chance to walk through the cemetery, you will notice that it is the marble angel statues which remain that have evoked peaceful sentiments spreading their wings to bring peace and love to a cemetery and graveyard. Marble angel statues make fine graveyard statues that can stand the test of time and if you can invest in life size marble angel garden statues, visit our marble angel statues catalog for inspiring life size angel for sale that can be used as angel monuments. Please email us if you have any questions on our marble angel statue for sale and we will gladly help you find that sweet and peaceful angel statue for your home or garden or for use as memorial statues for the grave of a loved one. At TimelessBronze.com, you will find beautiful classical Italian marble angel statues which are priced on sale and which will add an inspiring addition to the garden landscape. These timeless angel statues will strike a chord with anyone who sees them as they capture celestial presence in the garden and are mystical additions for adorning the garden or the church entryway. These inspiring angel statues also make fine additions for use as memorial statues for the grave and come in many sizes to suit your needs. Visit us and discover our beautiful Italian classical angel statues.