You Can Bracket Mount Your Bronze Sculptures to Prevent Theft

Many of our customers are afraid of investing in bronze sculptures for fear they would be stolen. After all, bronze sculptures is a huge investment. You have spent a lot buying such sculptures and the least you need is someone carting it off so easily. However, very large bronze sculptures are not easy to cart away. Large bronze sculptures can be bulky and heavy sometimes running into 300 to 400 pounds each depending on the size of the sculpture. Think of the thief and the amount of work he/she needs to do to simply steal a huge work of art as a bronze sculpture like a fountain or a life size bronze sculpture eg. a bronze moose or even a huge galloping bronze horse. It could take days to remove the sculpture. Also stolen bronze sculptures are not so easy to sell and do not fetch a good price in the marketplace most times. I would not consider them "clean statues" meaning statues which are new. 

Suggested Method:

To prevent theft, some customers want the best way to mount their bronze sculptures to the ground. One of the methods we suggest is bracket mounting with a selected foundation which is most often made of cement. Bracket tabs are usually welded on the sides of the bronze statue and then secured into a cement foundation that is dug 2-4 inches into the ground. Once you place the statue into the foundation, you can use soil to cover the brackets and landscape the area around the statue. All this gives a sense of comfort to the home owner. The other alternative is cement mounting which I will discuss in a future post.