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Life Size Bronze American Bald Eagle Sculpture

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One of our monumental eagle statues, this life size bronze eagle sculpture adds a statement for a school, college, organization, zoo, museum or park which has the eagle as its mascot, and highlights character and beauty as it captures the realism of two fighting American bald eagles. The American bald eagle is a beautiful bird that is known as the bird of prey. Although they can be found in many parts of the United States, bald eagles thrive in abundance in Alaska and Canada as well, building one of the largest nests known to mankind.

Our bronze American bald eagle sculpture shows two bald eagles appearing to make some kind of communication with the other. It is said that the bald eagle screeches when it is ready to battle and emits a shrilly sounding call that is loud and authoritative, designed to communicate to its challenger. Looking as if they are ready to fight, this life size bronze American bald eagle sculpture comes beautifully detailed and captures a moment when two bald eagles are ready to fight and secure territory. Created from bronze, this life size eagle sculpture adds glory and character to the den or garden. This bald eagle statue and sculpture can also be displayed in a park, restaurant or casino where it can be admired for the beauty and character it brings.

Our American bald eagle bronze sculpture has been painstakingly hand detailed to capture the attention and beauty of these wild birds. It is a life size statue and comes with acute detail to capture the manner in which two bald eagles are ready to fight.

Bronze sculpture cast through the lost wax process and hand finished to detail the beauty of the American bald eagle.

Dimensions: 90"H x 64" x 57"
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