59”H Bronze Rearing Horse Statue

59”H Bronze Rearing Horse Statue

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There is a lot of caution told about a horse that rears. Unless you are an experienced horse rider, it is not recommended that you stand by a horse that rears. Still, there is an immaculate beauty that reveals itself with a horse that rears. Our life size bronze rearing horse statue highlights the powerful gait of a horse that is rearing. Standing at a height of 59”, our bronze rearing horse statue only highlights beauty and power as it features a horse that rests its powerful body on its two hind legs. Standing tall and proud, our bronze rearing horse statue comes beautifully detailed highlighting the muscular contours of the horse’s body and the manner it opens its mouth with nostrils flaring. A true work of art, our rearing horse statue comes beautifully detailed and is finished with a fire-applied bronze finish that works well with the elements.

Cast in bronze using the lost wax process to reveal vivid and pristine hand forged details on the horse, our bronze life size rearing horse statue comes ready to make a statement for a ranch, zoo, museum, wildlife park and horse riding school. 

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 59”H x 46” x 22”

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