A Game of Leapfrog Bronze Sculpture

A Game of Leapfrog Bronze Sculpture

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Leap frog is a game that has been played in many countries like China and Germany. It is an intense game where one child has to stoop very low while the other child takes a leap across the one who stoops. It is said that the game of leapfrog can be traced as late as the sixteenth century. Many children have fun playing leapfrog.

Here, our life size bronze sculpture of two children doing leapfrog, will surely add a charming statement for a playground, park, school or camping ground. It is just the kind of statue which expresses affection by a brother and sister looking to enjoy the game of leap frog as seen by the expression of this boy and girl leapfrog statue. Highlighting a sweet disposition, a boy stoops very low to allow his sister to make a leap over him. Sculpture comes beautifully detailed and will make a statement for the garden or park as it captures childhood innocence.

Bronze sculpture created through the lost wax process that ensures the creation of a high quality bronze statue.

Dimensions: 61”H x 33” x 16” with Base Dimensions of 14” x 14”.

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