Alert Bronze Boxer Dog Sculpture and Statue

Alert Bronze Boxer Dog Sculpture and Statue

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In breed popularity, the boxer ranks 10 of 192 and is known to be an alert dog with a proud disposition. Highlighting character while capturing the alertness of this brave and tough dog, our large to life size bronze boxer dog sculpture comes detailed and well-crafted to highlight this intelligent dog known to please its owner. It is also a muscular dog and is characterized by muscles rippling beneath a short tight fitting coat which this statue demonstrates as well.
Our bronze boxer dog sculpture additionally captures the gait and strength of the boxer and comes beautifully detailed as shown to add a statement for a vet office, pet center or pet shops and to a home. Highlighting a tough boxer look, our bronze boxer statue further salutes the boxer which is known to take its duties as a guard and watchdog seriously, while acting docilely and protectively watching over the kids in its owner’s family.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 37"H x 34” x 14”
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