Beautiful Bald Eagle Sculpture

Life Size American Bald Eagle Bronze Sculpture

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The American bald eagle is highly protected in the United States and forms part of the emblem of this land. Standing tall and regal as it captivates the audience with its attention to the surroundings, our life size bronze eagle sculpture is shown here settled on a boulder which is textured and realistically detailed. Majestic and with its wings spread outwards, our eagle lets out a cry and appears to take command from its position where it proudly highlights its beautifully carved wings which are painstakingly detailed and finished to ensure realism.

Beautifully detailed to highlight the freedom and courage of the American bald eagle, our life size bald eagle is an inspiring addition to add to the military and government buildings as it highlights the strength and valor of the American people. Cast in bronze and reaching a height of some 79”, our bald eagle sculpture can find its place as a mascot for a school or college or add character to a military ground where the recognition of our fallen soldiers conveys the deliverance of love and comradeship through the meaning conveyed with the American bald eagle not only to the military but to the whole American people. Our bald eagle sculpture comes beautifully detailed to take its place in the hearts of the American people and for services like the police and firemen buildings where it can be installed to convey the meaning of courage and freedom, and can also be installed in wildlife parks, veteran facilities, zoos, museums and homes where the meaning of the American bald eagle is revered.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: About 79"H x 59"W x 38"D
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