Boy and Girl Doing Leapfrog Garden Sculpture

Boy and Girl Leapfrog Bronze Sculpture

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Leapfrog statues like our Boy and Girl Leapfrog Bronze Sculpture, may show a pair of boys playing it or it might show a boy and girl pair with the boy bending or stooping down while the girl climbs on him. Here, our leapfrog bronze sculpture shows a boy and girl playing the game where a brother positions himself as his sister does a leapfrog on him. This is an adorable sculpture to add to the garden and captures the innocence of two children engaged in childhood games.

Created through the lost wax process in developing quality bronze sculptures, our leapfrog sculpture is just the piece you might like to see adorning your garden. It is also a fine sculpture to add to a playground, school or camping ground. The bronze leapfrog statue also highlights a lovely patina finish that will age gracefully over the years.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 33"H x 26.8" x 13.8"
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