Bronze Basketball Player With Ball Statue

Bronze Basketball Player With Ball Statue

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The basketball game is known to be a dynamic sport that builds stamina as a result of the short sprints required in running up and down the rectangular court. Basketball is also known to be a popular game in colleges and colle teams will play against the opposing team to secure name recognition among colleges. The NBA or National Basketball Association, sets the rules for professional basketball players who are adept at playing the game to score a goal. These players have high muscular endurance as they engage in tough physical movements that involves frequent muscle contractions that eventually toughens up the individual player. Outside the professional playing that they do, basketball players also engage in weight training to improve their performance on the basketball court.

Crafted in bronze and highlighting beautiful hand forged details, our close to life size basketball player appears to be leaping to make a professional throw of the ball into the opposing team’s basketball hoop and is seen holding the ball with his strong arms. He comes beautifully detailed and is seen here in movement that will project him as a winner! This basketball sculpture will do well in a school field, a basketball stadium, a park or a campsite. It could also do well, adding character to a school campus that indulges in the sport.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 60”H x 20” x 17”
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