Resting Bronze Basset Hound Statue

Resting Bronze Basset Hound Statue

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Basset hounds are adorable dogs which are known to be gentle and friendly as well as tenacious pets. Our bronze Basset Hound statue celebrates this friendly and easy going pet which get along well with other pet dogs and animals. Cast in bronze using the ancient lost wax process of creating quality bronze statues and sculptures, our Basset Hound statue captures the alertness and easy going behavior of this young dog which are also known to be difficult to train at times as they can be stubborn. Highlighting a beautiful and realistic finish, our bronze Basset Hound statue comes with the typical good looks of the dog which are known to be with small built and short legs. These dogs are also said to sleep most of the day although they were primarily reared as hunting dogs.

Our Basset Hound statue needs minimal care and just mild soap water to clean it. Use a polish like Trewax once a year to keep its shine and color.

Bronze statue.

Dimensions: 15”H x 20”

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