Large Bronze Crane Sculpture With Wings Outstretched

Large Bronze Crane Sculpture With Wings Outstretched

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Cranes can cover an average of 200 miles per day during migration by using thermals. They are also said to glide through the air while moving thanks to their long slim legs. These large birds are known to be territorial and may exist with their mates during the breeding season and when the time is right, may choose to flock in a group after the breeding season. 

Our garden crane sculpture is on the alert and is seen here standing on the pilings with wings outstretched. Highlighting a beautiful fire-applied finish, this bronze crane will surely make a statement for a restaurant, park, zoo or hotel and for any organization or institution that loves cranes. The artisan has shown the beauty of this crane as it stands regally, waiting and watching the world around it. Comes beautifully detailed and can be used to make a statement or focal point for the garden.

Bronze sculpture cast through the lost wax process.

Measures 62”H x 48” x 30”
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