Bronze Left and Right Elephant Statues with Trunks Up

Bronze Left and Right Elephant Statues with Trunks Up

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Add interest and wildlife beauty to the front entrances with a pair of our Bronze Left and Right Elephant Statues with Trunks Up. Standing at a height of some 43”, our pair of bronze elephant statues pay tribute to the beauty of the Asian elephant which is known to be facing extinction due to man encroaching on their habitats. Cast in bronze and then beautifully detailed to show character, our pair of Asian elephant statues come with well-detailed features and are highlighted with a bronze patina finish.

An inspiring pair, these bronze elephant statues are shown with their trunks upturned which is thought to be an auspicious pose. Many cultures revere the elephant which is seen with the trunks upturned as they believe it to be a sign of good fortune. These bronze elephant statues can also be used as mascot statues for a university or college that has adopted the look of the elephant to represent their organization.

Bronze sculptures.

Dimensions: 43”H x 43”L x 25”, 44” x 44” x 28”
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