Bronze Life Size Rearing Horse Mustang Sculpture

Bronze Life Size Rearing Horse Mustang Sculpture

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One of our life size bronze rearing horse sculptures designed for the garden, this life size bronze Mustang statue celebrates the beauty and nobility of one of the most well-liked horse breeds. Thought to have a mixed bloodline, Mustangs are wild horses found in the western United States. They are known to be agile and hardy animals which are reared because of their incredible stamina and hardiness. Standing at an impressive height of some 78”, our Mustang statue is designed to add character to a horse farm, polo club or a horse riding school and features one of their rearing moments when they get excited and want to exert control with their owners. 
Cast in bronze using the lost wax process, our rearing horse statue comes with beautiful details capturing the intensity of muscles constricting on the body of the horse as they work together to deliver the way the horse rests standing and balancing on two powerful hind legs. The Mustang comes beautifully finished with a bronze fire-applied finish and captures the behavior of the horse in its rearing moments with careful attention paid towards crafting a realistic outdoor horse statue for the garden.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 78”H x 55” x 26”

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