Charles Darwin Bronze Ape Thinker Statue

Charles Darwin Bronze Ape Thinker Statue

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Based on the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin, Rheinhold creates the ape thinker statue which takes a poke at the evolution of humans from ape. Darwin argued that humans and monkeys share a common ancestor and that the ape is a mirror to the human race. Hugo Wolfgang Rheinhold’s most popular sculpture featured here ponders man’s superior ability to ask “where do we come from?” Which in turn borrows the European cultural tradition of meditation on a human skull which is highly popularized in William Shakespeare novel, Hamlet.

Our Darwin’s ape thinker comes beautifully crafted and highlight’s a poke of Darwinism and is a sculpture that will do well in the office or den.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 15”H x 10” x 8”

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