Fishing Boy Sculpture

Large Bronze Fishing Boy Statue

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If you are looking for sone neat bronze fishing boy statues, then just maybe this adorable and large boy fishing statue may be of interest. Here, a young boy is determined to test out the fishing rod he got for his birthday and is ready to make his big win at fishing.
The sculpture comes beautifully detailed and captures an eager boy ready to make a shot at fishing. He is shown with a shirt and shorts, as well as boots which he wears so he can fish at a pond thriving with fishes. Highlighting character and childhood innocence, this bronze fishing garden statue will make a fine addition for a school or campsite bearing the theme of fishing. There is a lot of detail given to accentuating the look of the boy as he focuses on the sport of fishing. Crafted through the lost wax process of creating quality bronze statues, this fishing boy statue will be a winner wherever it is placed. 

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions:  24"H x 40"L x 15"W
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Normally ships in 12-16 weeks.
If you need this produced for shipment to you, please be advised there is a 50% deposit we need to make to the factory to commence production. Delivery is 12-16 weeks because it ships via sea freight.