God Neptune Grand Marble Fountain - 196”H

God Neptune Grand Marble Fountain - 196”H

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Highlighting a breathtaking view of the God Neptune, this grand estate marble fountain is sure to add a prime addition to the landscape. Generously endowed with huge marble sculptures to complete its look, this Neptune fountain is a masterpiece just waiting to be discovered. A look at this fountain unravels beautiful Greek mythical horses and lions which heralds the beauty of this mind boggling fountain that not only touches the skies but exudes elegance and beauty.  The bodywork of this luxurious fountain has been carefully hand carved and hand crafted, each piece being meticulously delivered to showcase exceptional master artistry that will simply render the overall perception of this large marble fountain, truly breathless.

Heralding much of Greek mythology and folklore and with much appreciation for the beauty of its figures, our large estate marble fountain incorporates the beauty of the mythical lions and horses, each highlighting a product of skilled mastery as they grandly await the signals from their master who heralds the reins from atop the fountain with his iron clad scepter. There are lion faces encasing the bowls of this fountain and the general appeal that this fountain delivers is beauty and awe as the God Neptune signals the rein over his subjects in this stunning centerpiece that is sure to evoke the senses at first glance.

One of the beautiful marble fountains you could imagine that comes with eloquence and grace, this grand fountain is sure to set center stage when used in a circular driveway or will set a  focal point in the grand courtyard or garden where the graceful sounds of water will contribute to the harmony and peace of the surroundings. A beautiful fountain that simply tugs at your heartstrings, this lavishly designed marble fountain and stone water fountain can be added to a park or town center where Neptune will be happy to preside over the running of the water down the tiers of the fountain into the huge receptacle basin below.

Marble fountain.

Dimensions: 196”H x 354” x 354”
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