Grand Cherub and Dolphin Fountain

Grand Renaissance Putti and Dolphin Estate Fountain

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Standing tall and striking at 92” high, our grand water fountain, Grand Renaissance Putti and Dolphin Estate Fountain, comes with a look of the Renaissance appeal, and embodies several putto boys some of whom are carrying dolphin spitters to send streams of water into the scalloped shell bowls seen below. This grand fountain also highlights a number of lion head faces on the basins or bowls suggesting the influence of the classics. Each of the lion face is meticulously detailed to add to the beauty of this fountain.

Cast in bronze using the lost wax process, our tall and majestic water fountain is sure to add a focal pointing to the entrance of the home as it ushers in a peaceful flow of water. One of our grand fountains for the luxury estate home, this lovely bronze water fountain can also be added to a courtyard that has space to accommodate its size where it will surely draw the focal point against the larger landscape it surrounds.

Bronze fountain.

Dimensions: 92"H x 45" x 45"

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