Grand Maiden and Children Bronze Courtyard Fountain
Grand Maiden and Children Bronze Courtyard Fountain

Grand Maiden and Children Bronze Courtyard Fountain

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Add a classical lilt to the garden landscape with this uniquely defined masterpiece, a grand water fountain that simply ebbs with childlike play as four children are seen enjoying themselves in the fountain basin while two maidens pour water down to the basin from a generously detailed scallop shell bowl. Truly a grand courtyard fountain that will add childlike sentiments to a luxury estate home, this tall and classical fountain comes with richly defined Italian dolphin images that add to a lovely and serene appeal. The four children are simply enchanting as they appear enthralled by the efforts of the ladies looking to hold the shell basin and serving water down to the thirsty children who can’t seem to stop playing at the water fountain. Highly detailed with enchanting images that capture the detailed work of the maidens and the children highlighting their facial features and grasp of the enjoyable time they have, our luxury outdoor fountain will surely add a statement for the circular driveways as they capture a slice of the myriad activities of women and children at play in the garden.
This attractive cast bronze fountain is just the piece to add to a town center or public park that can enjoy the symphony of musical flow of water brought on by this fountain. It is also the kind of grand water fountain that can dress the grounds of a restaurant or company that welcomes the appeal of women and children to their facilities.

Bronze fountain.

Dimensions: 97”H x 54”

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