Herons in Flight Sculpture

Flight of the Heron Bronze Sculpture

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Herons are widely distributed across the globe but are known to be partially migratory. These birds are not swimmers and are usually found feeding off other small aquatic animals like fishes and insects along the margins of rivers, the sea, lakes and pools. Herons are also revered in many cultures and are thought to be bringers of good luck and fortune. Native Americans like the Iroquois believe that the sight of a heron before a hunt means the hunt will be a success.

Our beautiful heron sculpture comes ready to set an impression in the garden and can also be used to fill a niche in the living room. Highlighting intricate details, this large heron sculpture will surely add a statement also in the courtyard. Our sculptor has created this piece to show the beauty and freedom of this graceful bird and highlights two herons taking flight with their wings outstretched as shown.

Comes beautifully detailed with much work showing on the body of these heron sculptures as they take flight into the skies. Created through the lost wax process of creating quality bronze statues. Hand finished in a bronze patina finish that would allow it to age gracefully over the years. 

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 53"H x 41" x 33.5"
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