Jesus at Calvary Granite Statue - 36”H

Jesus at Calvary Granite Statue - 36”H

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Jesus suffered intensely at Calvary which was a place outside Jerusalem. It was a place where criminals were executed by crucifixion. Jesus too was condemned as a criminal and punished to die by crucifixion. Our statue of Jesus, Jesus at Calvary Granite Statue - 36”H, highlights Jesus carrying the cross on His back as he painfully takes the steps to Calvary also known as Golgotha. Standing at 36” high, our Jesus at Calvary Granite Statue - 36”H captures the pain and suffering of the Lord as he stumbles and walks towards the place where he will be crucified  and placed in between two criminals who face similar punishment. Beautifully detailed, our Jesus granite statue is a timeless sculpture that will add years of beauty to a cemetery or church.

Solid granite stone.

Dimensions: 36”H

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