Large Reindeer on Base Sculpture

Large Bronze Reindeer on Base Sculpture

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Also known as caribous, reindeers are known for their powerful hooves which are sometimes used for paddling through water. It is also said that male and female deers can grow antlers as well. In North America, these animals are called reindeers if they are domesticated and caribous if they are in the wild. Here, our life size sculpture of a reindeer comes beautifully detailed to make an impression for the outdoors. Highlighting the intricate body of the reindeer including the loose skin found under its chin which is known as dewlap, our bronze reindeer sculpture comes life like and will make an impression for a park, zoo, farm, museum or to a garden where they can be displayed to add a focal point in the space they occupy.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 107"H x 85" x 39"

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