Life Size Eagle Flying Bronze Sculpture

Life Size Eagle Flying Bronze Sculpture

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Add character and American patriotism with this distinguished bronze life size American bald eagle shown with its wings outstretched. Capturing beauty and power as it secures a flight over the terrain, our life size bald eagle comes force to be reckoned with as it soars with its sight fixated on its target. One of our soaring eagle statues which simply captivates the American audience, this bronze life size American bald eagle sculpture highlights power as it stays visible focused on its target, its claws protruding and ready to secure its target. Highlighting beautiful details, the artisan has laboriously worked on reproducing the feathers of an actual bald eagle. The finish is additionally fire-applied to reflect the realistic details of an American bald eagle.
A captivating life size sculpture that will add a visible view to the garden landscape while serving the American soldiers and the American people who stand by the symbolism of the American bald eagle, this life size eagle statue is a mark of the American patriotism and can be displayed as a monument or memorial to highlight and remember the memory of soldiers. The Eagle Air Force Bird logo for instance, is a stunning silhouette of a majestic bird, representing power, strength, and freedom. Intensely emotional and evoking powerful patriotic sentiments, this beautiful eagle simply arouses the American in us as we reach for the skies the way the eagle does, securing our courage, strength and immortality the way the keen eyes of an eagle seeks its freedom.

An inspiring sculpture which simply captures our hearts, this bronze eagle statue will add a prolific statement in filling up a niche for a zoo, museum, the law office and businesses, state and federal government agencies, veterans office, military, hospitals, police and fire departments and organizations that use the American bald eagle as mascot.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 82”H x 63” x 46”
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