Life Size Bronze German Shepherd Statue for Outdoors

Life Size Bronze German Shepherd Statue for Outdoors

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Known to be one of the more important service dogs in the United States, the German Shepherd is thought to be an intelligent dog that serves the police in tracking drugs at the airport and finding people who have gone missing. These dogs are also service dogs which are credited in helping blind people or disabled people find their way around. German Shepherds or Alsatians as they are known in Britain, are of medium to large built, and are muscular and agile dogs which are highly intelligent. This familiar dog is also one of the more popular breed dogs in the United States and are reared by people sometimes looking on this dog to guard the house. While they can be intelligent, these dogs usually obey their master and look to them for directions. Sometimes, they do get nervous around unfamiliar people and can be unpredictable. 

Our life size German Shepherd statue has been cast in bronze using the ancient lost wax process and is beautifully finished to capture the sharp and good looks of this police and service dog, a sure dog lover’s delight. Highlighting its good looks and furry body, our artisan skillfully and laboriously replicates the character and poise of this dog by sculpting this large to life size German Shepherd statue. Designed for the outdoors, our German Shepherd statue can be displayed outside a building or in a park where it can be celebrated for its work to the community. It can also be displayed at a police station where needed and is a popular dog statue that can be served to remind us of their place in our society.

Bronze statue.

Dimension: 31”H x 43” x 14”

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