Bronze Sitting Lion Sculptures on Ball

Bronze Sitting Lion Sculptures on Ball

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Lions are powerful and regal animals which have inspired much of the artwork and cultures across the world. Standing at a generous height of some 57”, these life size lion statues are designed to act as guardians of the home and establishment chasing evil away. Beautiful created, both lion sculptures are designed to rest on balls or spheres as shown in the picture. Highlight a pair of these lion sculptures to guard your home or use them to adorn the front entrances to your home or courtyard. There is an incredible amount of detail work done to express the beauty of the lion and our sculptor captures the fierce and regal aspects of the lion, to produce these bronze lion sculptures resting on spheres or balls.

Many people keep lion statues to protect them from negative forces. In China, they act as guardians defending homes against accidents and theft while in Italy, they symbolize power and prestige. Our set of life size sitting lions will only add to the character of the home and estate where they can be used to cast a watchful eye on the surrounding landscape. These bronze lions are also suitable for adding character to a hotel entrance or lobby, a museum, zoo, park or a town center where they can be placed to act as custodians of the area.

Bronze sculptures.

Dimensions (Each):  57”H x 29”W x 22”D

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