Majestic Pair of Bronze Crane Sculptures on Trunk Fountain Statue

Majestic Pair of Bronze Crane Sculptures on Trunk Fountain Statue

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Cranes are revered in many cultures and thought to bring luck and good fortune. In the Japanese culture, cranes are said to be messengers of God while in the Native American culture, the Iroquois tribe believe that they will secure a successful hunt if they see a crane before their hunting expedition. Our life size bronze crane sculptures celebrate the crane and highlight also pairs of bronze crane sculptures that can be displayed or used as fountain statues.

One of our majestic life size bronze crane sculptures, this piece captures the look of two crane sculptures standing on a tree log. One crane appears to be standing as if surveying the land ahead while the other crane is walking. The sculpture stands tall at 83” and can be used in the garden where a pool or pond exists. This life size crane sculpture can be used to add character to a hotel lobby, a casino, a restaurant, a park or even a zoo where a theme of cranes can be celebrated. This crane fountain sculpture comes with a beautiful patina finish which will age gracefully over the years. Designed as a fountain sculpture, it will surely add a beautiful statement for the estate or courtyard garden.

This sculpture is a quality piece that has been cast through the lost wax process of making high quality bronze sculptures.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 83” x 39” x 26”
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