Mary Queen of Heaven Statue Style 3 - 60”H

Mary Queen of Heaven Statue Style 3 - 60”H

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One of our enchanting Our Lady Queen of Heaven statues, this beautifully hand sculpted solid marble statue of the Virgin Mary is designed for the church or school and can also be displayed in a garden with a size that you feel comfortable with. Highlighting the Virgin Mary with a crown, she comes with beautiful details, with the sculptor paying attention to her robes and her facial features which is both peaceful and composed.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven statue comes highlighting absolute beauty as she stands with heavenly detail about her. She is also applauded in the last of the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary where she is remembered as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Solid white marble.

Dimensions: 60”H

Normally ships in 12-16 weeks.

If you need this produced for shipment to you when not in stock, please be advised there is a 50% deposit we need to make to the factory to commence production. Delivery is 12-16 weeks because it ships via sea freight.