Bronze Mermaid Fountain Statue With Fishes

Bronze Mermaid Fountain Statue With Fishes

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Our large bronze mermaid fountain statue, Bronze Mermaid Fountain Statue With Fishes, salutes the fascination that mermaids have in our lives. Mermaids have inspired much of the literature and stories of today. There are operas and films which employ the use of the mermaid to tell the story. One famous book that has been told through time is the "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen which tells of how a mermaid saves a human prince from a shipwreck only to fall in love with him.

Our mermaid sculpture is a fountain statue which has been hand cast in bronze using the lost wax process noted for casting quality bronze statues. She comes beautifully detailed with a bronze applied finish that is attractive. The fishes on this mermaid fountain statues will send water into the pool or pond. Hand detailed and hand finished, our bronze mermaid fountain statue can be used to adorn the pool at a hotel, restaurant, casino or a park.

Bronze fountain statue.

Dimensions: 41"H x 18" x 15"

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