Mermaid Holding Shell Sculpture

Bronze Swimming Mermaid Holding Shell Sculpture

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This Bronze Swimming Mermaid Holding Shell Sculpture is designed for the home or garden. Our fascination with mermaids are highlighted with the bronze mermaid sculptures and statues we display that come with style and character to make a unique decorative perspective for your home. As you know or suspect, mermaids have intrigued man for centuries. Stories of mermaid sightings abound all over the world and have been reported with pictures sometimes provided as proof. While we can speculate as to the way they truly look like assuming they exist, our statue of mermaids truly add a unique and enchanting addition to the home and garden like this large mermaid sculpture standing almost 47” in height. She is seen swimming downwards holding a shell in her hands. 
Cast in bronze using the lost wax process, our bronze mermaid statue comes beautifully detail with a patina finish that allows her to be displayed in the garden. Our artisan has also spent a laborious amount of time finishing and accentuating her good looks as shown in the picture. She is truly a work of art that will add years of service to the home or garden.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 38"L x 25"W x 47"H

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