Pair of Life Size Bronze Greyhound Statues

Pair of Life Size Bronze Greyhound Statues

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Our pair of bronze Greyhound statues showing in the left and right poses come beautifully detailed to celebrate these energetic and fast dogs which are known to be used for greyhound racing, coursing and hunting. Our artisan has spent an arduous time sculpting these beautiful dog statues and highlighted their typical facial features and good looks. Handcrafted with much detail, our pair of greyhound statues come with attractive hand forged details highlighting their sleek and muscular bodies as well as their sharp features.

Our greyhound statues are beautiful options for adorning the home of the greyhound lover. Typically used as mascots for several organizations and schools across the United States, our pair of life size greyhound statues pay tribute to these friendly dogs which make great pets for many families. They are low maintenance and gentle dogs which do not need lots of exercise but are known to be very fast in moving so much that owners need to keep these dogs on leashes to contain their excitement while walking them. It is said that greyhounds will spend the rest of their time dozing quietly next to you and can be often seen to lie on their backs with all four legs up in the air.

Detailed and hand forged to reveal their attractive traits, our stylish bronze greyhound statues come in a beautiful finish that pays tribute to one of nature's fastest dogs known to mankind. Made of bronze and cast through the age old technique of the lost wax process, this pair of life size bronze greyhound statues and dog sculptures highlighted here in a standing posture are a timeless addition for the home or garden.

Dimensions of Each Greyhound: 39”H x 41”W x 16”D

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