Bronze Rearing Life Size Horse Statue on Base

Bronze Rearing Life Size Horse Statue on Base

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One of our bronze life size horse statues, this majestic horse is shown in a rearing posture and highlights the beautiful contours of a horse as it majestically rests on its hind legs. Horses have always held the Interest of man and these animals have been domesticated and reared sometimes as pets. Our life size horse statues feature unique bronze horse statues and sculptures like this amazing life size horse statue designed for a ranch, racing course, hotel, restaurant, park or zoo. This horse statue can also be displayed to add character and beauty to a given space.

Cast in bronze using the ancient methods of the lost wax process, our bronze horse statue is sure to take the stage with its enchanting presence. It features a horse standing at a height of 102” and preparing to make a journey ahead.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 102”H x 94” x 31.5”

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If you need this produced for shipment to you, please be advised there is a 50% deposit we need to make to the factory to commence production. Delivery is 12-16 weeks because it ships via sea freight.