Seesaw Children Sculpture

Bronze Seesaw Children Sculpture

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One of our park statues that will add detail and character to the landscape, this life size seesaw statue is sure to be a showstopper as it captures the movement of children on a seesaw. Handcrafted and hand detailed to reflect childhood fun and appeal, this life size seesaw with children sculpture will add a lovely statement for a park or playground as it displays children having a good time on the seesaw. The sculpture simply brims of youthfulness and childhood innocence as it captures three children having a good time on the seesaw and seemingly interested in spending more time on it. Crafted to show character and detail, it notably captures the movement of the seesaw with the children on it and will surely add an inviting statement when displayed in a park or playground. This park sculpture will also be a suitable choice for a youth camp or recreational center looking for unique children sculptures that capture fun and showing kids having a good time.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 43"H x 78" x 23"

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